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Keep Cool in the Heat with This Smart Gadget

Summer is here and so far it’s been a hot one here in the North East.  I don’t know about you,  but for me, being out in this heat with a mask on gets to be overwhelming at times.  I also find myself getting over heated while shopping in the supermarket and while taking my long daily walks. I recently found a great gadget that it designed to cool me off without being intrusive.  

The MoKasi neck sports fan is a portable, rechargeable fan that sits conveniently around your neck.  It is battery operated with 2 level air flow.  It is perfect for the gym, office, beach, and anywhere you want to get a quick cool off.

This fan is perfect for attaching to exercise equipment, placing on your desk, side table and other spots where you need a quick cool off.

You can purchase the MoKasi Portable Hanging Sports neck fan on Amazon by visiting