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Nifty Gift Gadgets Dad Didn't Know He Needed

Are you looking for unique and useful gifts for dad this year?  Here are some unique ideas that will come in handy often for any man on your Father's Day list.  These gifts are inexpensive, and designed to make dad's life easier.

Dozop: We’ve all moved heavy things at home or in the yard where we thought, “wouldn’t it be great if I had a dolly right now?” Dozop is a portable, dolly on-demand and is great if you don’t have the space to store a traditional dolly.  It is lightweight (under five pounds) and easy to assemble (takes around a minute) without needing any tools to put it together. The dolly can handle up to 250 pounds of what you need to move and inline skate wheels boost maneuverability over carpet and uneven surfaces. Parts are stored inside the self-contained design to compactly stow away between jobs.  This collapsible dolly is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.   For more information please visit:

Proud Grill Q-Swiper:  Cleaning your BBQ grill grates can be a beast of a chore and downright dangerous depending on what you clean with!  That's why the Q-SWIPER® BBQ Grill Cleaner from Proud Grill is the best and safest bristle, wire-free option to remove grease, baked-on food and harmful bacteria build-up! The patented Q-SWIPER Grill Brush and Scraper uses food-safe tough cleaning wipes to absorb grease from cooking surfaces while its powerful omni-directional 3D cleaning nodules help swipe away tough grill grime.  Plus no more using the same contaminated cleaning tool to clean your grill grates because with the Q-SWIPER® you use a new wipe every time for a cleaner, healthier grill. The cloth can be put in the dishwasher and is biodegradable and compostable. For more information and watch the Q-SWIPER® in action please visit:

Tubshroom / SinkShroom/ ShowerShroom:
 Stop your shower, tub or sink drains from ever clogging again with this thirteen dollar invention. The shrooms (named for their shape) prevent clogs by catching hair or other debris that enters the drain, all while still letting water flow freely though the holes in the cylinder.  Perhaps the best part is that the mushroom-shaped invention keeps hair and other  yucky debris out of site because it wraps around the cylinder so it is not visible until you remove it once a month to clean.  That means no more time spent cleaning out drains, or pouring harsh and expensive chemicals down the pipes.   For more information please visit:

Perfect Sleeve: The all-new Perfect Sleeve makes ironing easy and fast. Simply slide in the stainless steel framework into the sleeve of the shirt (or pant leg) you are ironing and then there is no need to flip the garment over to do the other side. This nifty little gadget provides perfectly symmetrical, laser-straight creases with each use.   Shirts, blouses, sweaters and even pant legs will look like they were pressed by a professional saving you time and money. For more information please visit: