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Schleich® USA Unveils Winner of its Power of Imagination Photo Contes

Schleich® USA Unveils Winner of its Power of Imagination Photo Contest From More than 5,000 Global Entries

CHARLOTTE, NC (June 16, 2020) Schleich® USA (pronounced Sh-like), the world’s leading manufacturer of animal figurines, today reveals the winner of its Power of Imagination Photo Contest. Fans were asked to submit original photos depicting stories inspired by imaginative playtime with Schleich figurines and playsets. After receiving over 5,000 stunning photo entries globally, 1500+ of which came from the US, over 1,000 votes went to Rosa, age 15 from Herriman Utah, who depicted a series of Schleich Horse Club characters looking out over a desert expanse along with their pet dog. 

“We were so excited to take this next step in our Power of Imagination campaign and ask kids to help remind grownups just how spectacular and vivid a child’s imagination can be,” said Annie Laurie Zomermaand, managing director, Schleich USA. “Seeing the imaginations of so many kids come to life using Schleich figurines was inspiring and even humbling. It’s amazing to see the joy and pride children have when bringing their ideas to life.”

The Power of Imagination campaign kicked off at New York Toy Fair, where Schleich commissioned a series of photographs from famed toy photographer, Mitchel Wu, inspired by imaginative stories shared by kids while playing with Schleich figurines and playsets. Based on the notion that it can be challenging for grown-ups to perceive the immersive experiences kids have when engaged in open-ended play, the campaign serves as a reminder of how fantastic a child’s imagination can be. Wu played an important role in the contest, providing video guidance to hopefuls about how to create the most compelling toy photographs, and most recently, shooting a special congratulatory video to the winner, Rosa.

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