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Super Things are Super Collectibles Based on Every Day Objects

Goliath is introducing you to SuperThings - a leading, international SUPER-collectible that gives everyday objects superpowers, providing children the imaginative play tools they need to have a SUPER day at home. 

SuperThings, a small collectible shaped like everyday objects (sneakers, fruits, snacks, etc.), has taken over Spain and the UK, with kids loving the humor in everyday objects having personalities, powers and more. The series also has an accompanying YouTube Series, with a new season launching this Fall.

I received a sample from Goliath and love how fun and colorful the Super Things are.  Each one comes in it’s own little hideout.  I am a huge fan of creative play, and with so many different characters to collect, there are endless hours of play with Super Things. With the little vehicles, hideouts and over 80 figures available, your kids are gonna have so much fun playing and creating their own Super Things settings.

Check out this video featuring Super Things and their secret hideouts!

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SuperThings: Rivals of Kaboom Series 2 is coming this Fall on YouTube!