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These Outdoor Toys from Hog Wild Are Fun for Everyone

Looking for fun ways to occupy your time outside?  Hog Wild Toys has 2 awesome outdoor toys that are so fun to play. These games are enjoyable for both adults and kids and are sure to make a day in the park, an outdoor BBQ or just a day in the yard,  lots more fun!
Another great thing about these toys is that they can actually be played alone as well.

Get ready for the trendiest new game on any green!
Create your own course with real golf action, just about anywhere you choose with BIRDIE GOLF, new from Hog Wild. Place the weighted flag cup on any surface to create the course. Then, set the ball on its uniquely designed, built-in “birdie-tail” stand, and F-O-R-E! The ball goes flying, and its birdie tail keeps it in play, no matter how powerful the swing! The unique birdie design prevents the ball from rolling away, keeping the play close and exciting. Plus, it’s perfectly portable for on-the-go fun. Great for all ages and skill levels.
Check out this video!

For ages 4+
Available Now
Retailers: Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods MSRP: $39.99

  • REAL GOLF ACTION WITH A TWIST - this new take on the classic game combines golf and badminton
  • ACTIVE PLAY FOR ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS – a fun game kids, teens & adults can play and enjoy together
  • BIRDIES ARE BETTER THAN BALLS - with built-in stands, the easy-to-hit birdies stay in play and won't roll away
  • CREATE YOUR OWN COURSE AND PLAY ANYWHERE - just throw the flag and hit the birdies to play a round any place you choose
  • CREATIVE DESIGN FOR OPEN-ENDED PLAY – never play the same hole twice, keeps the game interesting and exciting no matter how much you play
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING TO PLAY RIGHT AWAY: set includes 2 Clubs, 1 Flag, 4 Birdies and 1 Caddy Pack

Pop and Pass
Pop and Pass, new from Hog Wild, brings playing catch to a whole new level of fun! Grab a launcher and insert the soft foam ball. Simply pull back the handle to load, then get ready launch. Check out how Pop and Pass is played here. A fun and oddly satisfying “bloop” sound effect accompanies each pop and pass! The functional basket design, auto-reload and hands-free operation makes of Pop & Pass super fun and easy for all ages.
Comes with 2 launchers and 3 balls. Refill packs are sold separately.

Check out this video!

For ages 6+ 
Available Now 
Retailer: Amazon MSRP: $24.99

  • FEATURED on The Today Show as a Top Outdoor Toy for Summer 2020
  • AWARD-WINNING ACTIVE PLAY - winner of the 2019 ASTRA Best Toy Award for the active and outdoor play category
  • EASY OPERATION - with ball inserted, just pull the handle back to load, push it to launch
  • SOUNDS GREAT - creates a fun and satisfying "bloop" Sound effect when launching the ball
  • FUNCTIONAL BASKET DESIGN - makes catching and scooping easy
  • AUTO-RELOAD FOR FAST PLAY ACTION - hands-free operation for more playing time
  • OUTDOOR FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - anyone ages 6 and up can play together and enjoy the action
  • REFILLS AVAILABLE - item comes with 3 balls and refill packs are also available

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