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Top Decorating Tips to Redefine Your Home

Every home is a blank canvas when we first move into it. Some might have interesting frames to start with, sure – character features or even previous renovations that we like and want to keep. Even with these character features, however, your home will not be a home until you fully move in and make it your own.

Part of making it your own is decorating and even investing in the overall design of your home. Every home should be better off for the next family that inherits it, but you don’t make changes for the next family, you make these changes for your own family:

Know How to Paint the Walls to Maximize the Space
When decorating, we typically start with painting the walls. It is far easier to paint the walls first and then add furniture, and that is a perfectly acceptable strategy. The only thing you need to do before committing to a paint scheme is to know how to paint each room to truly take advantage of the space. Leaving one or more walls white and painting the others a color can change the size and impact of a space. The color you choose will also greatly change how a space feels.

Think about the overall strategy of your space before you commit to painting so that you can use color to really bring a space to life.

Add Storage Solutions Based on Your Family’s Needs
If you want your personality to shine through, you need to be able to showcase the items you want and hide others. Seeing a full plate set or all of your sports equipment out in the open does not add to the overall design of your home. Instead, invest in storage solutions as you need them. This might involve a custom closet or some hooks in your garage to store your bike.

• Add Character Features
Character features are what truly set a home apart from any other. Most people live in either apartments or in cookie-cutter homes that look exactly like the property next door. Adding character features is easily the best way to set your property apart from the rest, and it’s so easy to do.

You can add crown molding on the ceiling, install a chandelier, replace the floors, or even install a fireplace. Flueless fireplaces from sellers like are perfect for those without chimneys in their home, so you can enjoy that classic feature in your living room no matter what.

Invest in Timeless Furniture Pieces
If you are looking to add new furniture, try to invest in timeless pieces. High-quality furniture is not cheap, and you don’t want to accidentally buy into a fad that you will tire of later. Classic designs, colors, and materials will last an entire lifetime.

Have Fun with the Décor
By investing in classic furniture pieces, you can free yourself with your décor. Have fun and showcase your personality with paintings, photographs, textiles, and even little sculptures you find along the way, and you will truly redefine your home.