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Vermont Wagyu Now Available Online for Your Grilling Pleasure

If you’re like me, the thought of going into the supermarket during this pandemic is uncomfortable.  Also, many stores have little and limited supplies of food and other everyday necessities.  

One major staple that has been limited in my local stores is meat.  Being a person that follows a keto lifestyle, this is a problem for me.  Luckily there are companies like Vermont Wagyu, that ship fresh Wagyu beef products nationally.  With zero carbs and tons of flavor, these delicious meats are a welcome addition to my home.

The meats come shipped in a cooler with dry ice and arrive frozen.  I received delicious chorizo and ground beef from Vermont Wagyu which are perfect for grilling this Father’s Day.  I love chorizo.  It is a Spanish style sausage that is packed with so much flavor.  Ground beef is one of the meats that I always keep on hand.  My husband loves meatloaf and burgers and this quality meat is gonna take my meals up a notch.

Vermont Wagyu has some delicious recipes on their website blog, to help inspire you and make you an even better cook.

New England purveyor of full-blood Wagyu beef now shipping nationally

Springfield, VT – Vermont Wagyu, a purveyor of all natural, 100% full-blood Wagyu beef, is now shipping its beyond prime grade beef direct to households throughout the U.S. via its website: Vermont Wagyu, a family-owned farm, raises expertly bred Wagyu cattle, descended from Japanese seed stock and prized for its superior buttery flavor, intensely marbled cuts and for being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The farm practices whole animal butchery, making everything from tenderloin, ribeye and strip steaks to short ribs, burger meat, chorizo and marrow bones available to customers online, farm-to-table. Vermont Wagyu is a Michelin Star restaurant supplier and the proud winner of “Number One for Taste” in the 100% full-blood Wagyu category at the American Wagyu Association’s 2018 and 2019 Triple Crown Steak Challenge.    

“Our commitment is to offer customers naturally raised 100% full-blood Wagyu beef with no added growth hormones or steroids. Our cattle are primarily grass fed and they make it beyond prime grade 100% of the time. All this produces a healthy beef with a melt-in-your mouth texture that’s hard to find anywhere else in the American Northeast,” said Vermont Wagyu owner and founder Dr. Sheila Patinkin, who personally oversees the farm’s breeding genetics program. “We also package and send each order direct from the farm. Customers have the comfort of knowing that their food is coming directly from our family to yours.”

The Vermont Wagyu story started 2006, when Dr. Patinkin and her family purchased and restored the beautiful 216-year old Spring-Rock Farm in the Parker Hill Rural Historic District of Vermont. In 2008, Dr. Patinkin purchased 20 Wagyu embryos and began breeding the esteemed Japanese cattle at the newly christened Vermont Wagyu farm.

“Our farm is ideal for raising Wagyu cattle. There are natural features that protect the animals from harsh wind and snowdrifts,” added Dr. Patinkin. “The ancestors of our Wagyu cows pulled carts up Japanese mountains for many generations, making them very muscular and producing the famous Wagyu marbling. These cows are right at home roaming in Vermont mountains and feeding on the wholesome terroir of our grasses.”

About Vermont Wagyu

Vermont Wagyu is full-blood naturally-raised Wagyu. The Vermont Wagyu farm incorporates 350 acres, where founder Dr. Sheila Patinkin and her family raise Wagyu with no added hormones or steroids and no unnecessary antibiotics. Vermont Wagyu brings cutting edge expertise in genetic science and top quality animal care to Wagyu breeding and combines it with an old-fashioned commitment to the land and a healthy environment. Steers are primarily grass-fed throughout with a grain finished diet, producing a tender, intensely marbled beef rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that’s been named Number One for Taste by the American Wagyu Association. For more information, please visit or follow Vermont Wagyu on social media at and