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Celebrate Back to School with These Fun Products

It’s that time of year again.  School is about to get started.  While we don’t know whether our kids will be in classrooms or online taught, one thing we can do is try to make the routine as normal as possible. 

Usually, with back to school, comes some shopping.  Kids get excited about new clothes and supplies for their new school year.  Here are a few unique and useful items to help add a bit of fun to the new school year.

Chalk of the Town “I’m Reading” Chalkboard Tote Kit:

Stylish Tote Bags

A perfect back-to-school tote for the avid reader, book worm or teacher to carry AND share the book they’re reading! Use the included water-based chalk markers to write a title or topic on the tote or illustrate highlights from the book. Once dry, the ink will not smudge. Start a new book? No problem! Simply wipe the surface clean with water and design again. Available on Amazon.

Book Peeramid:

Reading and Studying

This uniquely shaped pillow bookrest props a book, tablet, Kindle or iPad at the perfect angle for comfortable hands free reading anywhere - bed, at a table, desk, in your favorite chair, on the couch, on the floor and more! Available on Amazon

PLAYMOBIL School Carry Case:

Play Time

Perfect, portable, packable playset for even the youngest students; readies them for what to expect when the eventually do get into a classroom. Features iconic PLAYMOBIL attention to detail. Includes teacher and student figures, chalkboard, desk, chairs, books, more! Available on Amazon

Athletic Wear

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