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How to Choose a Career in Houston, Texas

Choosing a career can be difficult. There are so many different options available to choose from that you can often feel overwhelmed! An effective way to choose a career is to narrow down the options by thinking back to what jobs and tasks you have enjoyed and been good at in the past, and which ones you would prefer to avoid doing again. Analyzing your personal skills and traits is also a good place to start!

Choosing a career is difficult anywhere, but here we will be focusing on how to choose a career in the city of Houston, Texas!

The city of Houston has been considered a major hub for manufacturing, health care, dining, and the gas and oil industries. Houston was more resilient to the economic crash than similarly-sized cities in the US and also recovered faster due to the strengths of these industries. Houston is home to some of the largest companies in the US.

Living in Houston is relatively cheap compared to other metropolitan areas, with affordable housing attracting people from across the US and the rest of the world who are looking to start new careers!

Health Care in Houston

The largest medical complex in the world – the Texas Medical Center – is situated in the center of the city, giving Houston's medical community an international reputation. The Texas Medical Center consists of 42 institutions, from teaching hospitals to colleges of nursing to pharmacy and optometry colleges! The Texas Medical Center employs over 100,000 health care professionals – around 7% of the city's entire workforce!

Internationally-recognized institutions also offer nursing degrees in Houston, such as the Houston Baptist University Nursing degrees. If you want to study to further your career as a nurse in Texas, there would be no better move than to study a master's of science in nursing.

Manufacturing in Houston

Due to Houston's role as an international base of industry for many global markets, there are a number of manufacturing companies based in and around the city. If you think that a job in manufacturing might be suited to you, there are plenty to research and choose from!

Houston's 2 international airports, 4 seaports, and world-class rail and road infrastructures make transport easy and reduces distribution costs. Industries such as metal, machinery, chemicals, and medical devices are emerging and growing in Houston.

Hospitality and Entertainment in Houston

Hospitality and entertainment in Houston is not only more affordable than in most similarly-sized cities, but it is also highly regarded. The restaurant industry in Houston is booming, with its steakhouses and grills particularly attracting tourists from all over the world. However, you will find restaurants offering almost any type of international cuisine in the city!

In addition to the restaurants, Houston's live music scene is also a huge draw to both tourists and residents, with music of all kinds being hosted.

If you are interested in working in the restaurant industry (or even just looking to pick up a few waiting shifts while studying for a degree in nursing!) or the entertainment industry, you will be spoilt for choice in Houston!

Photo by Nick Bee from Pexels