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Personal Finance is Easy to Understand with Pigly

Staying on a budget and keeping track of different aspects of my life are essentially important to me.  I have found that in order to be successful, it is important to take control of the things they are important to me and learn as much about them as possible.  This helps me to stay in control of my destination.

Pigly is a website offering free interactive tools and calculators to teach people about personal finance and other important life goals.  Their site is both free and ad free.

Pigly has shown me ways to easily to stay on track financially and personally,  during these difficult times,  with a wide range of tools from budgeting, home loans, mortgages, savings, retirement planning and so on.  This site offers relevant tools and information for just about everyone. Check out the sitemap that showcases the range of the Pigly site so you can see if there is a topic that can help you.


During this COVID-19 crisis, many people are going through tough personal and  financial situations, so having a website, like Pigly, to help guide us in the right direction is useful, especially since many resources aren’t available in person. 

This diverse range of authoritative sources in addition to their site are beneficial for me, and help give me and my family the advice, resources and guidance that aid need to make smart financial decisions.

Here are a few of my favorite resources from Pigly that I have found to be personally beneficial to me.  Each calculator helps me see where I can make improvements or am on the right track.  These tools are not only beneficial for my every day life goals, but also for the trips we take and budgets for specific occasions or circumstances.

Let me tell you a little bit about the ones I found to be fantastic for my family and myself.

Budget Planner

This calculator enables people to estimate their income and helps to convert guidelines for any budget.   This can help us realize our spending habits and compare them to others that are similar.  The guidelines can be adjusted as income changes or as your needs change.  This can help me to change my spending habits so that a I can plan my budget smarter. 
Electricity Cost
I often wonder how much electricity my family uses monthly, and having this calculator is a great tool to see how we can make changes and improvements so that we can lower our utility costs.
Savings Calculator
I’m a saver and often wonder how interest is calculated on my money.  It provides interest income and estimates of income taxes due as well as the after tax future value of a periodic investment.
Retirement Savings Plan
My husband just retired, and this tool would’ve been very useful in the past, however he is still young, and so this calculator can still provide helpful information  for our senior years and help us reach goals we haven’t yet.
Fuel Budget
We travel often, and like to keep track of the mileage of our vehicles and fuel costs.  Having a tool that helps us estimate our annual gasoline costs and make comparisons is important in our budget. Planning future road trips and having this tool is essential so that we can stay within our budget.
Reach Your Goal
Being savvy and wanting to hit certain goals yearly, this calculator is perfect for helping me determine how much my savings will grow and what adjustments I can make to hit those goals. 

Weight Loss Calculator

I’ve been following a keto lifestyle on and off for the past year, but it is important to still keep track of calories and other intake.  Having a calculator with tools that narrow down the information to a science is helpful for me.  Not only does it help me reach my goal, but also how to maintain as well.
What goals do you have for your family? Be sure to check out all of the calculators across the Pigly site. Calculators are organized by major category and subcategory within each category. There are about 50 more calculators scheduled for release.