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PLAYMOBIL Encourages Constructive and Imaginative Play

I can remember when my son was little, playing with his castle and pirate ship sets for hours  on end almost every day.  He use to love sitting with my husband or me and have little battles.  It was a great outlet for him and allowed him to be expressive.  I found that if you play close attention to your child as they play, you can hear what is going on in their mind and find out what they are learning and picking up from television or other sources.  I use to also use these play times as ways to teach my son lessons in sharing, listening and constructive play.

PLAYMOBIL has a large line of play sets that allow children to be creative and teaches them how to build and play in a fun way.  

Introducing the new Novelmore line is at its core, classic PLAYMOBIL. Knights, sorcerers and villains in a spectacular castle! The world of Novelmore is an original property developed by PLAYMOBIL tells the legendary tale of the heroic Knights of Novelmore vs the rebellious Burnham Raiders.

This two-story fortress features a functioning catapult capable of defending the fortress from high above, a fiery crossbow ready to strike down enemies, and a functioning pulley to transport supplies amongst so much more!

Included in this set along with Wolfhaven Fortress:

Figures: 4 figures Animals: 1 horse, 1 wolf Accessories: 1 drawing, 1 wooden box, 2 ladders, 1 campfire, 4 arrows, 1 cannon, 1 sceptre, 1 bag, 2 swords, 4 stone balls, 1 inkwell with quill, 1 letter, 1 book, 6 flags, tools, 1 picture, 1 anvil, 1 flag holder, 1 wolf saddle, 1 parchment holder

Check out this video showing details of the PLAYMOBIL  Novelmore Woodhaven Fortress.

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Since 1974, PLAYMOBIL® toys, created by Hans Beck, have become a classic throughout children’s playrooms, with play themes ranging from a pirate ship to a children‘s hospital.

Approximately 3 billion of the beloved play figures with the iconic smile have been produced since then, sparking imaginative play for children all over the world. Around 30 different play themes are distributed in approx. 100 countries worldwide. Both parents and educators recognize PLAYMOBIL®’s award-winning toys as a benchmark for high-value, quality play products.