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Preparing Your Garden for Entertaining This Summer

The summer is a perfect time to have guests visit for an afternoon/evening of eating and drinking in the garden. The warm weather makes it comfortable to sit outside for hours, and it always gets people into the party spirit. When having guests in your home, you want the place to be clean and tidy for their comfort as well as yours, and your garden should be no different. Here are some tips on how you can create a beautiful, tidy, and comfortable garden for yourself and your guests this summer:

Get Rid of Weeds
To make sure your garden appears tidy and well looked after, make sure you tackle any weeds that have sprouted up over winter. This process might take some time, but the difference it will make to the appearance of your garden makes it worth it. You will need to keep on top of it during the warmer months, going out one or two times a week to keep them from sprouting. Try to spray weed-killer in the areas where you have seen them grow to help reduce the number of weeds that grow back – just make sure it doesn’t get on the plants you want to keep! Also, make sure you’re pruning back hedges and other flowers to keep them looking neat and healthy.  Also, be sure to use a good irrigation service, such as Irrigation Toronto to keep your garden looking it’s best.

Clean the Pool
If you have a swimming pool you will know how important pool maintenance is. If you haven’t been using it during the colder seasons, it’s likely to need cleaning out and any leaves or debris that may have found their way into the pool will need fishing out. It is also a good opportunity to check other areas of pool maintenance that may need your attention. For example, cracked tiles or broken lights/heaters. For the latter, get in touch with a pool electrician who can come and fix the wiring for you.

Tidy the Patio/Decking
If your patio or decking area is looking dull consider giving it a good clean with a power-hose. This will make a huge difference in how the brickwork and wood will look, helping your garden to feel fresher and revitalized. If you do have a deck, you may also need to oil and varnish the wood. You may even want to paint it in a different color to add some character to it.

Clean the BBQ
If you haven’t used it since last summer, or if your BBQ has been stashed in a garage, shed, or under a tarp all winter, it is likely to have become a little dirty. Before you invite guests over to enjoy burgers and beers, make sure you have given your BBQ a thorough clean to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the food!

Buy New Furniture
Finally, if your current garden furniture is old or looking a little worse for wear it might be time to invest in a new set. You want your guests and yourself to be comfortable as you sit outside enjoying the lovely weather. Consider how other accessories like chimeneas and additional lighting can spruce up your garden too.

Make sure your garden is prepared for entertaining this summer with these useful tips.