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Teach Fun Science Lessons at Home with Thames and Kosmos

It seems like our kids haven’t been in school forever.  A lot of our kids are missing out on good educational fun,  and there are ways we can encourage them to spend their time more constructively, instead of online.

Thames and Kosmos has a large assortment of STEM inspired kits that are fun to play with and teach important science lessons.  These kits inspire future scientists to get a head start on the world of Science.

Have you ever wondered what makes a glow stick glow?  Are you curious how glow in the dark chalk is made?  Now you can learn and create your own!

About Glow-In-The Dark Science Lab

Conduct fun and illuminating experiments with glowing substances and neon pigments! Cast your own glowing neon sidewalk chalk in fun shapes like stars, crystals, and frogs. Make flowers that glow in the dark. Mix up a glowing solution to make your own glow sticks. Observe your glowing creations under a UV flashlight (a blacklight). Learn about light, phosphorescence, and glowing materials. Includes two glowing pigments, UV flashlight, glow-in-the-dark star stickers, plaster for chalk, and tools and instructions. The box doubles as a blacklight showcase. Ages 8+ MSRP: $19.95.

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