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4 Things to Include in a Gift Basket for a College Student

Sending a child off to college is a difficult and emotional step in the journey of parenthood. You are so excited for the things they will accomplish while at the same time being scared of what life without them at home will be like. One great way of letting your college freshman know how much you miss them while also providing them with things they will need is to assemble and send a gift basket.

If you are assembling a care package or gift basket to send to a child who is off to college for the first time, here are four things that you should definitely include.

1. A T-Shirt Blanket

Has your child assembled a mass of t-shirts over the years? Perhaps they have a collection of shirts from each summer that they spent at camp. Maybe they are a big fan of a certain sports team and they have accumulated a number of team-specific shirts throughout their life. If so, you can take those t-shirts and make them into a blanket that will be a great addition to your gift basket.

All you have to do is collect the t-shirts you would like to use and send them to The experts there will transform those t-shirts into a comfortable and personalized blanket that your college freshman will love to have.

2. A Few Rolls of Quarters

It is a well-known cliché that college freshman struggle to figure out how to do their own laundry. Even if you child has occasionally done the odd load here and there at home, they will have to become familiar with how to use the new machines provided for them on campus. 

While you can count on receiving a few panicked phone calls asking how one red sock could have possibly turned all those white clothes pink, you can offer them a helping hand by including a few rolls of quarters into their gift basket.

3. Snacks

One thing that a college student can never have too much of aresnacks. Late-night study sessions and breaks between classes always require decent snacks, so why not send them a little treat that will be more appetizing than the month-old bag of chips sitting in their dorm room? You can choose from a variety of treats that they will love, and you will know that they get to eat something that isnt too terrible for them.

4. Coffee

Your new college student will definitely need to have an extra caffeine boost for their new busy lifestyle, so make sure to include some of their favorite coffee. If they dont have access to a coffee maker in their dorm room, you can also include a single-serve French press. Pick from a variety of colors so that they can stay caffeinated while using a stylish press that will make a great addition to their dorm room desk. Make sure to add a few different flavors so that they can enjoy a variety of roasts.

Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels