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4 Top Activities to Do in Hahndorf, Australia  

Australia is a cracking place to visit. With a country this big, there are so many places to visit, so many interesting animals, plants and other wildlife native to Australia to see, and fascinating history and iconic beaches to visit, to name a few. However, the smaller towns are just as interesting and brimming with culture, such as Hahndorf, a small town in the South of Australia.

This piece will discuss just a small handful of the amazing places that can be visited and activities that can be done during a stay here.

A Day Out in - Hahndorf's German Migration Museum

Hahndorf was famously established in the late 1830s by immigrants from Prussia, who sought both a better life and religious freedom as their land was war-torn and poverty was rife. 

They were granted asylum in the Adelaide Hills and then went on to not only grow food to supply for their own families but impressively for the needs of Adelaide too. There is a museum dedicated to this fascinating and emotional journey,which is definitely worth a visit when in the area.

In the museum, expect to find beautiful art pieces and objects that once belonged to the families who lived there, which only complements the inspiring stories. 

A Day Out in – Adelaide Hills Winery Cellar Door Tour

Perfect for those who love their wine, a winery tour is one of the best ways to spend a day. 
Treat yourself to an immersive experience in a comprehensive wine tour, focusing on the region's most celebrated and renowned wineries and cheesemakers! After all, what is one without the other?

Some tours will offer cellar door to cellar door transport throughout, which means there is no need to worry about wobbling the way around. And because this experience can last a whole day, it is best to have some top-notch accommodation in Hahndorf prepared to crash in with full stomachs!  

A Day Out at – Hahndorf's 'The Cedars' Estate

Hahndorf is a great place for those who love art to visit, as it is home to the iconic landscape painter Sir Hans Heysen. His wife, Sallie, along with a family of eight, all lived in this impressive country property, which is open to the general public to visit. 

At The Cedars, there is a chance to experience many of the iconic works of the family, exceptionally large grounds spanning 132 acres, which is home to an original garden planted by Sir Hans Heysen himself, and also the original studio. The house is somewhat mesmerizing to walk through, offering its authentic disposition unspoiled, as to offer a firsthand, real-life experience of this home. Guided tours are also available for those who want to know the full history.

A Day Out at – Beerenberg Farm

There is nothing quite like fresh fruit, and Beerenberg farm offers some of the best strawberries around. Have a leisurely time picking strawberries amongst the gorgeous scenery and fresh air for a wholesome and rewarding activity! There is also a brilliant little farm shop that offers fresh produce, even some exclusive to the farm shop!

Thanks to Marcus Wallis for sharing their photo on Unsplash.