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5 Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself

No matter what your situation or stage of life, taking good care of yourself should be a high priority. You might be just getting out on your own, or a bit farther along in life and focusing on career and/or family, or meeting the challenges of midlife and beyond. Keep it simple. Here are several crucial things to focus on. 

1. Put Yourself First

While it's important to take care of your family and daily responsibilities, it's even more crucial to ensure you have the capacity to do it. Basic things like eating a nutritious diet, making sure you get enough sleep, and moderate exercise (outdoors is best) will help give you a firm foundation of wellness. Keep your sleep/wake schedule as consistent as you can, and don't forget to drink enough water! You can even try taking some soothing guitar lessons to help relax your mind and spirit.

2. Stay Strong

Think of the things you do for yourself as conducive to thriving, not just surviving. There are numerous ways to support your inner and outer strength and resilience, including acupuncture, herbs, and supplements. Consult with a trusted health practitioner for recommendations that best fit your situation. 

3. Try Mindful Movement

As a complement to strength training and cardiovascular exercise, mind-body practices like Pilates, yoga, and Tai Chi are powerful ways to increase range of motion, increase core strength, and help balance body, mind, and spirit. The mindful breathing accompanying such practices is a potent stress reliever, helping you maintain a sense of composure in varied settings. 

4. Keep Calm

You can adjust the way you respond to events even if you can't control them. It may seem easier said than done. Simple things like regular social and community support, a practice of meditation or prayer, and seeking out needed assistance will help you to deal with all kinds of experiences with more equanimity. Playing a musical instrument and dancing are also great ways to stay in the moment and switch off stress. 

5. Focus Attention Wisely

It's useful to know about circumstances in your community and beyond. But it's just as vital to cut away from the constant stream of social media, news channels, endless memes, and unvetted email forwards. Too many updates or unauthorized information can leave you drained — don't let that happen! Instead, watch a movie, read a book, or play a game. 
Taking care of yourself requires tending to your needs holistically. Try these tips to feel more healthy, strong, connected, and calm.