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AMIGO Games are as HOT as the Summer Sun!

Games are definitely hot right now as parents seek ways to entertain kids at home. AMIGO has a great selection of games that kids can play by themselves, or with adults.  For every one of our kids and family games, they guarantee:

Just five rules per game
European Quality
Fun for kids AND parents
Proven top sellers worldwide

Let me tell you about the great selection of family games I received:

L.L.A.M.A Card Game

This highly popular games was nominated for a 2019 Spiel Des Jahres award, which is a big deal in the toy world.  Only the best games get nominated.

How to play:

Play cards to continue the sequence.  Collect markers(chips) for cards you can’t play.  The player with the least amount of markers at the end wins.

Fruit Punch Game

This fast moving cars game has sold over 11 million units!  It’s so much fun to play and simple enough for ages 5 and up.

How to play:

Players flip over cards until someone spots five of the same fruit.  Then everyone races to bop the squeaky banana and collect the cards.  The player with the most cards wins.

Eye Sea Game

This card game is perfect for both small and large groups.  There are sure to be lots of laughs as players use their imagination and smarts to make a match.

How to play:

The object is to flip over 9 cards. Try to create a word or phrase using two or more cards.  Collect the cards and replace them until no cards are left.  


This game is full of challenges.  You need a good memory, but this game is full of tricks that get trickier as the game goes on.

How to play:

Flip over cards and remember objects on them.  When you see an object for a second time, snatch it from the table.  After three rounds, the player with the most objects wins.

Mission X-Code

Work as a team.  Share information.  Race against the clock. Hack the code and level up.

How to play:

Call out what you need as you swap cards back and forth.  You only have three minutes to crack the code and cover every space.  You will either win or lose as a team, then reveal new missions that get more and more challenging.

Clack Categories Game

This game is so much fun.  It includes magnetic discs with common objects on them.  This is one of the top selling Amigo games and I can see why.  This can be played with 2-8 players, so it is great for groups.

How to play:

Rolls the dice.  Race to stack up all the magnetic discs with that dice combination.  The player with the tallest stack wins.

Be sure to look for these and other fun games from Amigo!  You definitely will not be bored playing these!

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