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Awesome Braille Skateboarding Toy Collectibles from Bonkers Toys

I am so excited about the new Fall line from Bonkers Toys featuring toys from some of the most popular YouTube content creators.

One of my favorite toy lines is the Braille Skateboarding line, based on their popular YouTube channel.  These mini mystery skateboard and accessory toys are so lifelike and well made.  Each unique board is based on a design from the Skate Everything series  by Aaron Kyro and his crew.  I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron at Toy Fair this past February and got to see many of the toys before they hit the market.  He spoke about attention to detail and how he wanted all of his boards to be just like their life size boards.

Learn More About the Braille Skateboarding Line:

Braille Skateboarding Mini Skateboard Collectible Blind Bag

Based on the wildly popular Skate Everything series on the Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel, fans can now collect miniature versions of epic skateboards  Aaron Kyro and his crew have skated on his channel. Each finger board is based on an actual skateboard featured in their viral videos. Now is the chance to ollie an electric guitar, kickflip a computer keyboard, or boardslide with a 2’ x 4’!

• Based on the #1 skateboarding channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding
• 12 possible finger boards in the series 1 assortment
• Each blind bag contains one finger board, 4 wheels and 1 tool
MSRP $3.99 - 4.99 | Ages 3+

Also available in 2pk (available now at Target) and 6pk mystery board bundles (coming in September to Amazon)

Braille Skateboarding Mystery SK8 Builder Set

The Braille Mystery SK8 Set is the ultimate pack for the biggest Braille Skateboarding fans wanting to customize their own boards. Featuring the collector wheel storage case, 4 finger boards, advanced trucks, construction tool, mini stickers, ramp and grind rail. Featuring replicas of actualawesomeboardsfromtheSkateEverything series on their YouTube Channel. Can a door be kickflipped? Ollie an ironing board? This set is endless epic fun.

• Based on the #1 skateboarding channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding
• Each pack contains a collector case, 4 finger boards, 4 sets of advanced trucks, 16 wheels, 1 tool, 4 stickers, grind rail, and ramp.
    MSRP $19.99| Ages 3+


Braille Skateboarding Available now at Target and Amazon (coming soon!)

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