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Create Order Forms Easily with WPForms

During these past few months, it has been beneficial to have online businesses available  to purchase every day items from.  One thing that is important to me when purchasing items online, is having order forms that are easy to understand and clearly constructed.  

WPForms makes it easy for companies and individuals  to create or add order forms to their WordPress websites.  They even make it simple to set up PayPal, Stripe and payments.  The forms only take minutes to set up and add to your site.

Another useful tool from WPForms that can be utilized is an online order form plug in that gives you the ability to generate order information and accept payments at a later time.  You can also easily set up order form notifications, confirmations, payment settings and add other useful forms to your website.

Check out this video that explains how it works:

One of my favorite parts of WPForms is the drag and drop feature.  This feature allows you to add additional fields.  This procedure lets you collect any information you would require in regards to your customer that would relate to the order they are placing.

Once your form is set up to your liking, you can create notifications, including email notifications. This is in addition to default notifications which WPforms automatically sends to the administrator of your WordPress site. 

When you are ready to publish your order form, it can be added to various places on your website.  You decide where you’d like it to be placed by using their simple widget.

Now that you’ve easily created your online order form, with or without online payments, you are ready to start accepting orders and building your online business.

Visit to learn more, sign up for an account and start building smarter a WordPress forms today!


  1. I like how easy it is to use! That means it will be easy for your clients to use! 100 templates and easy pull down menus 😎 it’s a business helper! This program can do the job of two assistants! Thank you for sharing 👍👍


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