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Teach Your Kids About Crystals, Rocks and Minerals

Children naturally tend to have an attraction to rocks and minerals.  I can remember my son always collecting rocks and stones to bring home.  One year his class had a trip to a mineral mine and he can’t back with a backpack as heavy as he was.  I still have some of the rocks and minerals he collected as a child.

It is one thing to collect rocks, crystals and minerals, but having a true knowledge of them is important too.  After all, they are the building blocks of our planet.

With this STEM inspired kit from Thames and Kosmos,  you can easily teach children about Geology.  Explore the study of crystals, known as crystallography, the study of rocks or petrology, minerals aka mineralogy and gemstones known as gemology.   The history of the earth is at your fingertips.  Learn how to grow a geode and dazzling crystal.

Thames and Kosmos makes science fun.  Turn your at home classroom into a science lab with ease with the Kids First Crystals, Rocks and Minerals Introductory Geology Lab..

Kids First Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals

Unearth the secrets of geology as you dig deep into the science of rocks and minerals and the crystals that form them. Through 18 hands-on experiments, kids will discover some pretty amazing things about geology, mineralogy, and crystal growing. Become a geologist-in-training as you mold your own crystal geode and grow three different types of crystals that vary in color and shape. Work with real mineral specimens to learn how to determine a mineral’s chemical properties such as color, luster, streak color, hardness, density, magnetic properties, and carbon, sulfur, or iron content and use your findings to identify unknown minerals. As you explore, you’ll get an overview of the geologic rock cycle and discover how the three main categories of rock — igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic — are formed, altered, destroyed, and formed again. MSRP: $44.95; Ages 8+.

This kit is available at Amazon and other specialty and big box retailers.


  1. This is Laurens favorite thing to do! Her collection is Huge and she can tell you about every one!


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