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The Ultimate Motor Vacation Guide

Taking your motorbike or car out for a spin for the weekend requires some serious planning and preparation. If you want to have the best possible experience, the route should be planned in advance, any potential attractions along the way added to your itinerary and the vehicle you go in or on should be as special – and comfortable – as possible.

Planning the route

For something as important as your dream motor vacation it is time to get those huge maps out - laid onto the floor and ready to have some pins stuck in. There are many websites that can help you choose your perfect route, but sometimes it is more enjoyable to pour over a physical map and mark out the places you and your travel partner want to visit. 

Choose places you have had recommended to you or that you have heard of but never been to before. This motor vacation is to be an exciting trip of discovery, not a trek revisiting places you have been a hundred times before.

Inviting friends and family

With a route planned, consider whether to invite someone else. For those who enjoy taking vacations on motorbikes, they may well already be in a biking community or from a family of bikers. While this is your vacation and you are planning it, it could be nice to arrange to meet up with a friend or two along the way. 

Choosing your vehicles

The vehicle you travel on or in should be special to you, whether that be because it is your “old reliable” or because it is a new model waiting for its first real spin out. You could find exciting options from a Suzuki dealer, whose bikes are also fantastic for short journeys and racing. 

Motor attractions

Look out for motor-themed attractions along the way. This could be a famous racecourse, motoring museum or the clubhouses of a motorbike club. These are fantastic places to pop in to learn a thing or two, break up your journey and meet new people. 

Meeting new people

As mentioned, being in the community is part of being a motorbike owner or somebody who is into vintage cars. Taking a vacation in or on your vehicle is sure to draw the attention of others in the community who might want to make friends with you. All part of the experience, meeting new people should be expected and listening to them for tips on local restaurants or superb roads to drive is a must.

Do it all again next year

To round off the guide on motoring vacations, remember that this is not a one-off affair. The minute you set rev off on a trip like this you will be hooked and desperate to do it again the next year. Keep notes about your travels so that you can easily recall where you went, how long it took you and whether any places along the way are worth revisiting or recommending to a friend.