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Follow Me to Finish Line for Great Savings on Athletic Wear

My family has always been pretty athletic.  My son played lots of sports and my husband and he have always work out at the gym on a regular basis.  Needless to say, they’ve always gone through lots of athletic shoes and apparel.    I’m more of a casual athletic person who enjoys walking a few miles a day to get a work out in.  It helps me to relax and clear my head and keeps me feeling good.

One store that has always been one of our favorite to shop for athletic apparel and footwear,  is Finish Line.  We often visit their mall stores because they have a great selection at excellent prices.  We always know we can find the styles from the top brands that we like to wear.  They carry all of the most popular styles and brands that my family likes to wear.

With Labor Day approaching, I am hoping to score some great deals on new cross trainers. This is the time of year I like to shop for a new pair.  I usually wear out my current ones due to all of the summer activities I do.  Plus, so am so use to the back to school shopping I’ve always done with my son, that I just continue to shop this season because I know prices are excellent. 

Plan Ahead:
Always know or try to have an idea of what you are looking for before heading into the store.  Do some online research to check pricesl, availability and selection so that you don’t waste time.  You can even call your local store ahead of time and see if they have your size in stock, if you like to shop that way.

Savings are a must:
I’m one of those women who is always looking for the best ways to save a buck.  One place that I like to look for extra savings is Slickdeals.  They usually have money saving coupons and deals to save me even more money than I already save.  If you visit you will find big savings, promo codes and more.  Times are tough and money is tight, so any extra savings that can keep money in my pocket is important to me, and I’m sure it is to you too.

Be Smart
Here are some of my favorite ways to save money.  First, visit to look for promos, coupons and deals.  Second, use a money back credit card that gives you a percentage back on every purchase.  Also, shop during big holidays and major events.  Some of the best savings are seeing back to school, elections and during and right after holidays.  Those have always been my times to get great savings.

Check Clearance:
Always check the clearance section in stores and on line.  You can score some major savings on low stock or discontinued items, or even items that were returned but are in new or excellent condition.  You can save up to 80% sometimes.  

Good luck in the new school year and enjoy your savings!

Photo Source: Pixabay