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How to Create the Best Bedroom for Ultimate Relaxation  

Sleep hygiene has become something of a buzzword over the last few years, and if you've ever wondered what it means you are certainly not alone. It is just about creating the best space to get a good night's sleep and allow your body to relax and heal. There are specific things that you can do to change your bedroom to make sure it is set up for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Check your mattress and pillows 


A mattress does not have a particularly long life span, and they do need to be changed every eight or nine years. It is essential that you have the correct mattress for your back. Generally, this depends on how you sleep.  If you sleep on your side, you are probably better off with a soft to medium style mattress, and memory foam comes highly recommended. If you sleep on your side, you should only really have one pillow, and this should be fairly low to create a neutral spine position when you sleep. 


Those who sleep on their stomachs may well find something more in the medium to firm category is a better bet. Again, memory foam could be suitable here, but so could a sprung mattress with a memory foam topper. Finally, if you sleep on your back, you want to be looking for something medium or firm and have just enough pillows to ensure you are not arching forwards, and your spine can and rest flat. If you like to read in bed, and why not, consider something like the Husband Pillow, which provides the perfect support as you sit against the headboard. Check out the pillow here at 

The position of your bed 


Many people believe strongly that the position of your bed in relation to the rest of the room makes a difference in how well you can sleep. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that dictates that certain positions like sleeping with the foot of the bed pointing at an open door are not going to create a restful night's sleep. They suggest that your bed should have its headboard resting against a solid wall, and therefore not under a window and the headboard itself should be solid. 


If you have open metalwork or wooden work style headboard you can cover this with a blanket or sheet to create the feeling of solidness which is required for good rest. They also advise that your bedroom is free from clutter to allow energy to flow freely. Your room should be the place where you sleep and nothing else. Try and avoid having a desk, or exercise equipment or anything else that adds to clutter in a room and stick to the bare basics such as your bed, side table and so much to store your clothes. 

Bedroom color 


Believe it or not, the color you paint your room, and the color of your soft furnishings can alter how well you sleep. In 2013 Travelodge surveyed over 2000 homes in the UK and discovered that people who had their room painted blue slept the best. Of course, this is fairly anecdotal evidence,but it's worth considering, as some colors are quite stimulating whereas others are more restful.