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Big Foot and Mermaids and Slime, Oh My!


It’s time to trim those trees, wrap those presents and stuff those stockings!  I don’t know about you, but the stocking were always my favorite to open and explore.

This year, Good Trade Depot has partnered up with Alley Oop Toys, to bring you a value bundle of some of the most popular themed toys that are perfect for stocking stuffers.

This bundle includes:

Big Foot Caller for your brave explorer

The Authentic Bigfoot Caller is perfect for Bigfoot lovers of all ages. Create sounds that bigfoot finds irresistible! Gently blow into the mouthpiece to create eerie low-pitched sounds, or forcefully blow to create a Bigfoot screech that’s a sure to wake up Bigfoot from his slumber. Use with caution!

Flamingo Confetti Ooze for your little scientist

The Confetti Ooze is a Clear confetti ooze with small rainbow confetti – Find the bonus Flamingo Ring inside! Ooze comes in a resealable container. Stretch it, bounce it, and squish it for hours of fun!

Shimmering Magical Mermaid Slime Surprise for your adventurer

The Magical Mermaid Slime Surprise includes 1 pink, purple, or teal glitter slime in a resealable shell container. Find the shimmery mermaid figurine inside the slime! What color slime and mermaid will you get? Collect them all!

All three have been bundled at the low price of $14.99 which is a great deal in my opinion.

More about these products:

This Christmas stocking stuffer is a perfect value pack of fun! It includes the authentic Bigfoot Caller, The Flamingo Confetti Ooze with a surprise ring inside, and The Magical Mermaid Slime Surprise. 

This is the perfect combo pack to keep your kids entertained all Christmas morning and into the new year! Each toy brings a different kind of fun! 

To purchase this bundle while supplies last, visit: