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Getting My Home Holiday Ready with Scott’s Liquid Gold

Disclosure: I received free product from Scott’s Liquid Gold.

I have used Scott’s Liquid Gold products for over 20 years.  I first learned about it from my late mother in law who always use to give me cleaning tips when I was first married. She always told me  to use the best quality products and Scott’s Liquid Gold was what she recommended for all of my wood. I have always loved the results and shine I’ve gotten from Scott’s Liquid Gold.  It keeps my cabinets, Andersen windows and doors and furniture looking brand new, while nourishing the wood.  

This past week while getting my home ready for the holidays, I made sure to polish all of my wood furniture, cabinets, windows and doors with Scott’s Liquid Gold. My furniture looked amazing and smelled so good after being polished.  My cabinet looked so good that I could see a reflection in them! This gave me a sense of pride and confidence.

A new product to me, that I received from Scott’s , is the Multi Surface foaming cleaner.  This cleaner works well on build up.  There are a few cabinets and cabinet drawers in my new home that have a bit of build up on them form the previous owner, so I’ve been using the foaming cleaner to help break it down so I can get them looking their best again.  The Multi Surface foaming cleaner has been working out great!   I love how it stays where I spray it.  For tough build up I let it sit a while before wiping.

Most people don’t realize that Scott’s Liquid Gold isn’t only for wood.  It is also great on leather, hinges, for removing those annoying price tags and stickers, and so much more!

Learn More About Scott’s Liquid Gold:

Scott's Liquid Gold® Wood Care is trusted to care for real wood. Visibly hydrates and deeply nourishes while cleaning and dusting. Balances moisture to enhance the natural beauty, texture, and grain of real wood.

  • Visibly hydrates and deeply nourishes wood
  • Cleans and dusts
  • Contains natural oils for a natural shine
  • Fresh almond scent
  • No wax, silicone, nuts or nut by-products
  • Available in aerosol or pourable


1. Spray on lint-free cloth (making sure the cloth is lint-free ensures there is no lint left behind after you clean your wood surface)
2. Spread evenly on finished wood surfaces*
3. Remove any excess with clean cloth. Buffing out reduces residual oil, as well as brings out the full shine of Wood Care


*Spot test on a small area first. Wood may appear darker until product absorbs completely.


For ingredient disclosure information, click here

For Wood Care Aerosol SDS, click here

For Wood Care Pourable SDS, click here


How to clean and protect large areas

Even your biggest natural wood cleaning projects are made easy with the pourable version of Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care. Simply pour into a paint tray and saturate a roller (with a long handle) or sponge mop. Apply Scott’s evenly and thoroughly. You’ll clean, restore and protect wood panels with ease.

How to Dust Wooden Shelves

For light cleaning and dusting, spray the aerosol version of Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care on a cloth and gently wipe each shelf. Scott's Liquid Gold cleans away dust, dirt and grime, leaving only a lustrous shine behind.

How to Clean & Polish Stainless Steel

First spray the piece liberally with vinegar, then use a very soft cloth to wipe the vinegar off. This should remove any debris, dust and grime, and begin to give the piece a bit of a shine. Next apply Scott’s Liquid Gold with a dry, soft cloth, and then polish. It won’t take long until your stainless steel looks as shiny as new.


Over the years, we have heard the following ways that our consumers have discovered for using Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care:

  • As a lubricant for squeaky hinges, household fans, bicycle chains, swivel chairs, nuts and bolts, sliding door tracks and garden hand tools
  • To clean and soften the leather on ball mitts and hiking boots, luggage, saddles, old/antique books and dashboards
  • To clean and prevent rust on metal and wood garden and farm hand tools

To clean and/or restore:

  • Window screens, stained glass, unpainted wood or metal window blinds, metal tools
  • Plexiglas®, metal or plastic office equipment (unpainted)
  • Stickers from bumpers, window, appliances, etc.
  • Stainless steel, silver, copper, chrome, wrought iron and brass items (wash thoroughly before using)
  • Golf irons, gun stocks
  • Road tar from cars
  • Soap scum from shower doors and tiles (helps prevent buildup)
  • Plastic pots used in garden (outside surface only)


  1. I'm so glad you did a piece on this! I have been cleaning so much due to COVID that my wood table is looking worn and this looks like the perfect thing to rejuvenate it!

    1. Sometimes it just needs a little TLC to bring back that luster. I’m a huge fan of Scott’s


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