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Great Holiday Recipe Ideas from Jar Goods


The holidays are coming, as well as the cold weather, and I enjoy making one pot meals this time of year.

I found a great way to add a little spice to my chili recipe.  Jar Goods has a delicious Classic Spicy tomato sauce that is out of this world.  It adds just the right kick to any chili recipe.  

Jar Goods is a fresh, new brand of clean-label tomato sauces & pestos made with vine-ripened tomatoes, pure olive oil, fresh onions, garlic and basil. Here are a few of our fan favorite sauces:

  • Classic Spicy (voted as “Best Spicy” by Men’s Health!)
  • Vegan Vodka Tomato Sauce made with coconut milk to make an indulgent, plant-based, dairy free version of a classic vodka sauce.
  • Classic Red Tomato Sauce which is thicker, richer, and more flavorful than any other tomato sauce brand (yes, we said it!). 

Jar Goods is the foolproof gift for the foodie in your life (plus, it can be enjoyed by all parties involved!). If you’re looking for quick holiday meals,  I’d love to share their recipes with you, such as:
  • Rigatoni with Classic Red Sausage Sauce
  • Turkey Chili with Adobo
  • Meatballs and Rainbow Chard
Just check out the recipes section on their website for these great recipe ideas! 


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