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Universal Pictures The Croods 2 in Theaters Nov. 25

The Croods are back and this time they will be facing one of their greatest challenges... another family!  When the Crood family sets off to find a new, safer place to live, they find their perfect spot.  However, there’s a problem.  Another family, the Bettermans, already live there.  This family is living the idealistic life with an amazing home, fantastic inventions and an abundance of crops.  

Things start out great when the Croods move in as houseguests, but it doesn’t take long for tensions to brew.

Both families will have to learn fo work together, embrace their differences, and endure an adventure that will strengthen their bond and help them build a promising future together.

Be sure to catch The Croods 2 in theaters this Thanksgiving!

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Check out the trailer:

I received a fun swag bag courtesy of  Universal Pictures. It features some of my favorite characters!


  1. My family loved the first Croods. Our state is nearing another Covid lockdown on I would love to take my kids to go see this! Belt & Sash! So clever.


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