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Arranging Box Lets You Create Your Own Floral Arrangements


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own floral arrangements?  Now you can, with Arranging Box.

I received my own Arranging Box and created two beautiful arrangements for my home.  The Arranging Box makes a wonderful gift for a loved one.  You can find it on my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Other than traditional flower bouquets, a flower arrangement kit by ArrangingBox delivered directly to the doorsteps for an unforgettable experience and a quality time to enjoy at home. Perfect valentine's day experience gift for her. It's also perfect for making a beautiful centerpiece as many of us will have valentine's day dinner at home this year.

Check out my IGTV video

ArrangingBox is a women-owned start-up company offering flower arrangement kits of curated fresh flower ingredients and reusable design tools delivered to your doorsteps, with step-by-step tutorials to follow for an unforgettable flower arranging experience. Arranging Box believes flower arranging is for everyone.

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  1. This is a really nice idea. I have never been able to arrange like the pros.


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