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Chocolate Truffles Made with Love


When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of chocolate.  My favorite way to enjoy chocolate is chocolate truffles.  

I received a sample of chocolate truffles from Chocolate Delights that were handmade with love.  These chocolates are so delicious, silky smooth and a delicious, sweet treat to indulge in.  They’re also pretty romantic to share with a significant other.

There are many different chocolate gifts to choose from on the Chocolate Delights website, including the strawberry crunch bar with with milk chocolate , white chocolate and strawberry. It’s pure heaven!

You can find Chocolate Delights on my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.


With valentines gifts in every store from January. It’s difficult to find something a little different and unique. At chocolate delights, we sell quality alcoholic and non alcoholic truffles in a variety of flavours. And ready for Valentine’s Day, we will be debuting our heart flavoured truffles. 

Check out our truffles here


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