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Different Types of Flashlights and Their Features

There are tons of different types of flashlights out there and each one has a different purpose and different use. Since there are so many different types of flashlights out there, it helps to look at different types and learn a bit about what each does and what jobs it might be suited for.

The History of the Flashlight

The flashlight was first invented in the year 1899 and was a novelty item. No one really thought that a flashlight would do any good or that it would be something that would be useful in the long run. The original design was a paper tube with D batteries and a light bulb in a brass reflector on the front. This crude design was, as you would expect, far from versatile and far from durable. Though this was the case, the flashlight still managed to grow in popularity which then led to the need to redesign and rework the flashlight to make it more useful, easier to carry around, and more durable overall.

Flashlights have since changed greatly with new patents being made every year. There are flashlights that are made to go underwater, made to withstand being thrown about, and even those that are meant to be run over and still work well.

Types of Flashlight

There are so many different types of flashlights today that have been adapted from that original design to fit the needs of the people that use them today. The typical flashlight that we all have stashed away in a drawer or cabinet in case the lights go out is something that we are all familiar with. These days, there are small flashlights and penlights that can fit in even the tiniest pocket, as well as larger flashlights that are used in more intense settings. Though there are still flashlights that prescribe to the original design and that are a bit heavier, there are plenty of new and improved designs that are going to fit your needs.

Flashlights are a common thing; they are a staple item in nearly every household in case of emergencies, and they are used by millions of people every day. The flashlights of today are going to be more durable than older models, they are often made of plastic or metal, they are designed to be resistant to impact and to daily wear and tear, and some models are even designed to be waterproof. For the most part, when you are looking for a flashlight that is specialty or that is not the typical design, it helps to find a company that makes that type of flashlight specifically.

One example of a brand that makes a great flashlight is Fenix flashlight, who offers models of different sizes, shapes, and brightness settings. When it comes to finding a flashlight that works for you, it is always best to take a look at the job that you want it to perform. Do you want a light that is going to put a ton of light off and illuminate a very large area, do you want a compact light that you can fit in your pocket and that you can take with you or are you looking for a light that is going to be able to work for a ton of different applications and that is more versatile? You may even need a flashlight that can be fully submerged in water and continue working. There are so many different flashlights out there and taking the time to look at a few different types and models will really help you to find the light that is going to work best for you and for what you want it to do.