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E-Bikes are in High Demand at Home and Away

Since the onset of Covid and people being cautious of being in public transportation and among crowds, E-bikes have grown in popularity.  They are a safe and easy way to get to where you’re going, while getting in some exercise.  They are also a perfect way to vacation, as you’ll read below.

The Aventon bike was shipped to me in perfect condition.  The bike was mostly assembled and just needed a little bit of assembly, which was very simple.  Everything I needed to do the bit of assembly was included, including a bike wrench and tool kit.

The kick stand on the Aventon bike is thick and sturdy to hold the bike up well when not in use.  The seats and handle bar are extremely comfortable and designed for long rides.

Pedal Assist

One of the things I enjoy about e-Bikes is their pedal assist.  What is pedal assist you ask? It’s a mode on electric bikes that provides power from the motor of the bike to help assist the rider and helps you pedal easier and go faster.  You can adjust your level of assist and then the motor will give you a different level of assistance based on what you’ve chose , as you pedal. Going uphills is effortless with the pedal assist.  Take it from someone who use to have to push their bike uphill.

I have been cruising all around places I wouldn’t dream of riding before.  I am so grateful to Aventon to bring me this opportunity to review this beautiful e-bike and look forward to sharing more posts with you!  Learn more about  Aventon’s top e-bikes and some e-bike vacation ideas below.  

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E-Bike Demands

Demand for Aventon E-Bikes – pedal-assist electric bikes – is skyrocketing right now in all 50 states. The popularity is across all age demographics, male AND female, from teenager to 65+. A good part of the demand was brought on by the pandemic. More on that trending demand below. (



 1.  The Level Step-Through ebike is a commuter’s dream that could replace a car for running errands and riding to work or school. This innovative, slick and technologically advanced new ebike, which became available in August, provides easy access with a step-through frame and a smooth, thrilling ride reaching up to 28MPH with pedal assist. This ebike is a tweaked version of Aventon’s best-selling Level that was introduced in the Spring.  Fans and partner bike shops suggested body changes to appeal to a broader fan base and Aventon built the Level Step-Through based on their wish list -- a step-through frame that’s easy to hop on and off.  

2.  The Level ebike, introduced in Spring 2020, is engineered for riders who want to escape from their cars but still want to keep up with traffic on their work or school commute. It’s built with the same proven motor technology as the Pace 500 electric bike but with geometry and convenience features for urban riders. With peppy handling, a suspension fork, and an extended battery, the Level Commuter Ebike can take everything that you throw at it. 


3.  Sinch ebike is the most versatile folding fatbike on the market. With massive 4” tires, a suspension fork, and plenty of power – 500 watt (750 watt peak) motor – the Sinch has some kick, and is a super comfortable electric folding bike that handles like a dream to ride on all terrain types. Perfect for those with limited storage space, the Sinch is foldable and easily stored in your closet, under your desk, in the car trunk or in your RV. Regardless of where you ride and where you travel, the possibilities are endless with the Sinch.

The Latest Aventon Ebike model 

Pace 500:

  • Keep up the Pace with our latest ebike! This Class III ebike maximizes fun and keeps you cruising. It's like powering up your legs to make hills a thing of the past. Equipped with large comfortable tires, the Pace gives you the ultimate balance in comfort and power. With a relaxed, upright riding position and 5-levels of pedal-assist, this ride will keep the smile on your face all day long.


The demand shot up once the pandemic hit, and it continues as a states start to reopen, shut-down again, and fears of a second wave of Coronavirus is among us. Many want ebikes because:

  • people afraid of mass transit and standard commuting due to COVID
  • people afraid of ride shares like Uber, Lyft, van pools and taxi
  • need for “Social Distancing” & “Self-Isolation”
  • the need for exercise since gyms, yoga classes and other studios shut down
  • need to “escape” for fresh air and to explore with your significant other
  • an e-Bikes gives an assist those who may not think they are “athletic enough” for a standard bike – allowing them to keep up with friends, kids and grandkids
  • need to make 2021 better than their 2020…

E-Bike Vacation Ideas

Bike and Camp the White Rim Trail in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park with Escape Adventures 

Utah’s 100-mile White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park comes on like a natural rollercoaster, looping in and out of a multi-colored array of spires, arches, buttes, and mesas carved by the Green and Colorado Rivers. A primitive trail framed by blooming cacti below and snow-capped mountains above, the White Rim Trail loops around and below the Island in the Sky mesa top and provides expansive views of the surrounding area. Guests will spend the majority of this 4-day mountain biking and camping tour riding the famous off-road route, while detouring to admire secret passages, hidden slot canyons, natural rock arches, and ancient Puebloan ruins. The trip, including first-class camping, starts at $999 per person. E-bikes are available upon request. Tours run March-May and September-October.

For more info, visit or contact Escape Adventures at 800-596-2953.

“The steep, exposed sections of the Shafer Trail, Lathrop Canyon Road, Murphy Hogback, Hardscrabble Hill, and the Mineral Bottom switchbacks make the White Rim loop a very rewarding and scenic mountain bike ride,” said Escape Adventures Director Jared Fisher. “While enjoying the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, we will also appreciate the modern amenities like our custom support truck, gourmet meals, top-of-the-line camping equipment, and attentive guides.”

This multiday odyssey through some of the most gorgeous terrain imaginable loops around the Island in the Sky mesa top within Canyonlands. Riders will definitely want to take plenty of pictures of along the way as they’ll pass an array of stop-offs and scenic overlooks, admiring both the Colorado River and the Green River far below. The ride mostly involves casual doubletrack, enjoyable for most people, from novice riders to families. Watch this amazing video.

All internal land expenses and services are covered in the cost of this tour. This means from the time Escape Adventures picks you up, all transportation, food preparation, meals (except where noted on itineraries), snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, group supplies and community gear (portable chairs, large awnings, coolers, utensils, etc.) are included.

Backcountry permits, licenses, park fees, reservations, and accommodations are also included, along with at least two professionally trained trip leaders, a mobile first aid and mechanic station, spare bikes, and a support vehicle(s). Trip price does not include airfare, lodging prior to trip start or bicycle rental and/or camping gear (if on a camping tour) unless otherwise noted on itinerary or website.

Day 1-2: Meet in Moab. Ride Schafer Trail to Airport, ride to Murphy’s Hogback via White Crack.

Day 3-4: Ride to Potato Bottom with slot canyon side hike. Ride along Green River up Mineral Bottom. Shuttle back to Moab.

About Escape Adventures: Since 1992, Escape Adventures has been blessed to shape and lead adventure travel vacations through some of the most awe-inspiring natural destinations in the world. Building on over 100 destinations, Escape Adventures caters to the full spectrum of active traveler, respective to fitness level and activity type. From road cyclist to mountain biker to electric biker, hiker, and multi-sport enthusiast, and from first timer to friends and family groups of all ability levels, Escape Adventures looks forward to many new and exciting adventures with you.


  1. This is a good looking bike. I have been thinking about getting one.

  2. I'm one of those folks who have been wanting an ebike this last year, but I just haven't bought one due to price.


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