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Get Moscow Muled This Valentine’s Day

Have you ever had a Moscow mule? It is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, lime juice and wedge of lime.  They are always served in a copper mug that helps to keep it nice and cold. 

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of different varieties of Moscow Mules popping up on menus. I’ve tried a cranberry variety and a jalapeño variety which were both very good!

Enjoy these authentic copper mugs handcrafted traditionally which are ideal for a number of different cocktails and beverages. 

Enjoy a fun Valentines Day experience with a nice cocktail served in these classy copper mugs! At MoscowMuled, all copper mugs are premium and handmade using 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper. The company sells exclusively online and ships its products worldwide from its warehouse in the United States. 

Your MoscowMuled mugs can also serve desserts.  They are beautiful vessels and hold temperatures well.

Website: $19.50 for a set of two.


The History of Our Mugs

Our copper mule mugs have a fascinating history! It is commonly believed that the mule cocktail was invented in 1941 in a Los Angeles pub called the “Cock ’n’ Bull”, which was a British pub. Legend has it the owners of vodka and ginger beer companies found themselves in that pub on the same day lamenting about how slow sales of their respective products had been. At the time, vodka was an unpopular liquor on the American cocktail scene, and many Americans joked that vodka was Russian for horrible! 

After drowning their sorrows with a few beverages, the gentlemen turned their minds to creating a new drink to help sell their products. In particular, they wondered what would happen if they combined vodka with ginger beer and the squeeze of a lime. The bartender brought ice and limes and got to work on the concoction, which was served in distinctive copper cups. Soon the copper mule mugs were raised and clinked, the gentlemen counted to three, and then they took their first sips. It was good! 

The creators of the mule drink eventually settled on naming the new cocktail the "moscow mule", which was a reference to vodka's Russian roots and the "kick" of flavor added by the ginger beer. One of the creators of the popular mule drink later traveled around the United States taking pictures of patrons drinking the cocktail with his instant Polaroid camera, which was then a cutting edge invention. As the photos began to circulate, so too did the popularity of this novel cocktail and its distinctive copper cup. 

And, with that, the moscow mule drink was born!

You can find these MoscowMuled copper mugs on my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

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