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Get Pizza Delivered Directly From Italy!


Since we can’t tour the world, why not bring the world to us?  I love all types of foods but anyone who knows me, knows that pizza is my number one favorite food to eat.

I was so excited when I was offered the chance to try pizza directly from Naples Italy. My grandmother was from Naples, so it’s nice to be able to have a pizza straight from my roots.

This Valentine’s Day, why not try the first-ever, authentic Neapolitan heart-shaped Pizza shipped directly from Naples, Italy to the US - Talia di Napoli (heart-shaped pizza will be available for purchase in mid-Jan. 2021). Whether it’s for a romantic dinner at home or a seasonal gift for loved ones, Talia pizza is an excellent choice for good. The heart-shaped Pizza is a limited edition pizza Talia created to celebrate the special day. 

I tried the Margherita pizza, same flavor as heart-shaped pizza, and it was magnificent! The pizza was fresh and delicious! It goes great with a nice glass of wine. I love this rustic pizza. My own little piece of Italy. I savored every bite!

Why is Talia pizza a perfect gift (or food choice) for Valentine's Day?

  • What’s better than a heart-shaped gift to express your love? Just look at this (image)

  • Talia creates a fine dining experience at home. Just simply set up the table, pair Talia pizza with your favorite wine, or make some pasta to create a romantic all-Italian dinner. You can even add your own toppings to customize the pizza - the perfect way to make your valentine fall in love with your cooking!

  • Talia pizzas give the lovebirds the convenience to fully enjoy authentic Italian flavors without traveling abroad. We bring the authentic Neapolitan pizza directly to your table.

  • Talia sources the best ingredients. Talia uses top-quality local ingredients to ensure the premium taste and flavor of the pizzas. All ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes, and even water, are all-natural ingredients from Southern Italy with no preservatives, no additives, and no GMOs. We also offer gluten-free options for consumers. 

  • Talia pizzas are comparable to freshly made pizzas in restaurants because all pizzas are flash-frozen and put to “sleep” using a state-of-the-art, patented cryogenic chamber within seconds of coming out of the oven and can “wake up” flavorful in your home.

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