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Good For You, Good For the Earth Beauty Products

Fresh Faced 

Fresh Faced Skin Care and makeup products that are science-based, clean, natural, non-toxic, safe, and organic quality, superseding any others on the market. She has created Emulsifying Sugar Scrubs (13 different scents) and a Fresh Bath Box.

Did you ever find a scent that you wanted to bottle up and carry with you everywhere, so you could smell it any time you want? All of these Fresh Faced products have that scent. I can’t wait to use all of the products. I tried the Emulsifying Sugar Scrub and love it. It makes my dry winter skin feel super soft and silky and smells divine!

 I’m looking forward to trying all of the face masks.  I’m also looking forward to trying the bath tea bags.  I love scent and love soft scents to relax with.  Fresh Faced Skincare makes so many wonderful scents to keep your senses stimulated and match your mood for the day or evening.


Emulsifying Sugar Scrub - Vegan ~ Paraben Free ~ Dye Free ~ Nut Free
Exfoliate and hydrate your skin with our uniquely formulated emulsifying sugar scrub. Extra-fine white granulated sugar gently buffs away dry skin cells, while mango butter and vitamin E nourish and condition your skin. Once water mixes with our sugar scrub on your skin, it instantly creates a lotion that leaves your skin extraordinarily soft and moisturized without being oily or greasy.

The Fresh Bath Box - $24 a month
Curated collection of our popular bath products that we’ve hand-crafted fresh with a new released scent every month. Available as a subscription. The subscription is monthly and you receive nearly 30% off of the regular price each month. You pay shipping for the first box and you will receive free shipping for every box after that.


INCLUDES – One 8 oz. Sugar Scrub (double the size of our regular sugar scrubs!), One 4 oz. Beauty Bar (same great soap base as our Purifying Bar!), and Two Bath Teas all lightly scented in the same beautiful fragrance. Value of each box= $34. When you sign up for a subscription, you will save nearly 30%! Just pay shipping for the first box and each box after that is $24 with free shipping.

SELECTIONS – Each selection in the Fresh Bath Box is curated by us.

FREQUENCY – The Fresh Bath Box will include a new scent collection once a month and each box is made to order to give you the freshest product available!

A little about Erica.
Her mission is to provide personalized, therapeutic products and services that achieve extraordinary results. She has a scientific background of skin biology and cosmetic chemistry.  This allows her to discover the root cause of her clients skincare concerns and produces effective results for people who have struggled with these issues and received no resolution from other skincare specialists, including dermatologists. 

When she works on clients in one of her advanced skin care studios in Historic New Castle, Delaware or in Greenville, Delaware and uses that background to treat the different issues she comes across to create solutions that work for everyone, no matter what their skincare needs are.

Fresh Faced Skin Care offers an honest alternative to beauty care that is science-based, clinically tested, and uses only the highest quality ingredients that nourish the skin, naturally. FreshFaced Skin Care includes skincare, mineral makeup, and offers the best facial treatments at two advanced skin care clinics in Delaware.

Clear Confidence

Clear Confidence offers an awesome range of plastic-free products. Plastic-free is the way forward for the health, beauty, and cosmetics industries. These industries have typically produced a lot of single-use plastics and products that feature non-recyclable plastic or composite constructions. Single-use plastics are amongst the most damaging consumable products for the environment and making the switch to plastic-free alternatives is beneficial for the planet. Long-lasting, recyclable alternatives do not end up in landfill and can save you money in the long run. Also, our plastic-free products are high-quality and perform exceptionally well! They boast their own excellent credentials that make the transition to plastic-free smooth and easy – you won’t look back!

To purchase visit:

Dabble and Dollop

Looking for new and unique ideas to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year?

Dabble & Dollop’s “My Fizzy Valentine” is the perfect Valentines gift for your little ones (and parents too!) Tired of gifting candy and sweets? Surprise your most loved with sugar-free fun that inspires the sweetest bath time moments. 💕

These smell so good and are so wonderful to relax in the tub with.

Our giftable package includes a mix of five of our 100% natural strawberry & vanilla bath bombs. Your child can use each individually or mix a strawberry with a vanilla to create an entirely new scent!

Sold individually for $13.99 (or in discounted 5 & 10 packs), “My Fizzy Valentine” is the thoughtful, sugar-free Valentines gift for your child’s treasured friends, pod-members, classmates and teammates.

Featured in the goop Holiday Gift Guide, kids and parents alike love our bath bombs…and of course we all love how safe and natural they are!  

Dabble & Dollop Bath Bombs are:

*   100% Natural
*   Artificial Dye-free
*   Gluten-free, Vegan & Nut-free
*   Made fresh in California
*   Created by a mom of three
*   No hidden toys, sparkles or overstimulation
*   Kid-sized at 1”
*   No staining of tub
*   Leaves skin moisturized & smelling sooooo good!

⚡Super fast shipping - quick one day order processing.⚡

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  1. There's nothing better than clean beauty products! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. These sound like wonderful products. I bet the “My Fizzy Valentine” has such a nice scent!


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