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Home Maintenance Tasks for Moving intoSpring


During the winter months, people often find themselves looking ahead to spring, which is understandable as it is a much milder season and one filled with color and life. As a homeowner, there will be a few maintenance tasks that you want to get done moving into spring, particularly when the winter conditions are likely to have taken their toll on your property. Getting started on these maintenance tasks sooner rather than later will ensure that you are well prepared for the spring months and be able to make the most out of this lovely time of the year.


Garden Work


The backyard is often neglected during the winter months, leaving it looking a little wild at the start of spring. After months of cold weather, you will want to make the most out of your garden when the weather permits, so it is a good idea to start garden work towards the end of winter. This might involve:


Mowing the lawn
Trimming back trees and hedges
Planting new plants and flowers
Pressure-washing the deck/patio
Cleaning garden furniture
Pressure washing the home exterior
Painting the fence


Check the Roof for Damage


Months of rain, snow, and wind can take their toll on the roof, so it is a good idea to get up there and look for any signs of damage (be sure to do this on a dry, non-windy day). If you notice shingles missing or any other damage, you will need to get this repaired as quickly as possible, keeping in mind that spring can be a wet season too. While you have the ladder out, it is also a good time to clear your gutters from debris to prevent water damage and wash the outside of your windows to improve the curb appeal and allow more light to come through your home.


HVAC Servicing


The HVAC system will also have been used heavily throughout winter, and you certainly won’t want any heating/cooling issues moving into the spring. This is why it is a good idea to call out HVAC Dallas TX specialists that will be able to provide servicing and carry out any necessary repairs to your system, which will help you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during Spring when the weather can still be unpredictable.


Spring Clean


A deep spring clean of the entire home is also a good idea towards the end of winter. In addition to helping the home to look and feel much better (it can do wonders for your mental health), it also gives the chance to thoroughly inspect the home and make a list of any tasks that will need completing such as mold or new paintwork.


These are the main tasks that every homeowner should look to complete before spring arrives. Spring can be a lovely time of the year and a welcome change from the winter months, but the winter can also take its toll on the home, which is why you need to make home maintenance a priority at this time.