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This Just May Be The Perfect Belt


Are you looking for the perfect practical gift to give the special man in your life!  Check out the Groove Life belt. This belt was designed to stay in place, comfortably after only being adjusted once.  No more pulling and tugging. No more poor fits and wearing.  This belt is made to last and has a 94 year warranty.


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We believe in building a culture that throws rocks at the status quo and at corporate-minded, impersonal relationships  with our customers and with each other. We believe we can connect with every one of our customers to help them on their journey to greatness.

We believe life is more than money and comfort. Therefore we don’t believe in “cashing out” or “retiring by the lake.” Those thoughts are the enemy. We believe that if we put our customers first no matter what, they will in turn help make us successful in our mission.

We believe money is simply a tool to accomplish our mission  to serve people, inspire adventure, and reflect God.

We believe everyone is created by God for greatness, and we want to play a small part in our customers' journey to it.

We believe we all have a legacy of adventure to live andleave behind.

Are you ready for the adventure?

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