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Types of Walkers

Getting older can be a tough challenge for seniors to face. With added age comes limited mobility and trouble completing tasks that were once simple. It can be so difficult for seniors to get around, even around their homes, but there is now more mobility products thane ever before that can make the process simpler and make it possible for those seniors to be able to get around.

Types of Walkers

There are tons of different types of walkers out there now that all fit the different mobility needs of seniors and those that might be struggling with mobility all around. The first type is the standard walker. This is a four-legged walker that does not have any wheels and that is great if you are just having a few mobility issues but might not need a walker for every single thing that you do in a day. This type of walker is often the type issued at hospitals, rehab facilities, and more.

Another type of walker is the two-wheel walker. This is a walker that has two wheels on the front and is the same basic construction as the standard walker saves for the fact that the front has wheels. This is great if the person using the walker is also suffering from reduced strength and needs a bit more help with mobility than a standard walker can provide. You can also get a three-wheel walker that has two wheels in front and one wheel in the back as well as a four-wheel walker.

With four-wheel walkers, these are going to be best if you are going outside and you need a bit more help with mobility and might not be able to control the walker on your own. A four-wheel walker is a great thing as it does help make mobility super simple and keep you from having to propel the walker on your own and with your own force. This type of walker is great if you have very limited mobility. With four-wheel walkers, you are also often going to find that they have a built-in seat. This seat makes it possible to sit down and wait or sit down and rest while you are up and moving around so that you can get the mobility that you need and you can also rest as needed.

You can also get a knee walker if you are injured. A knee walker is a walker that has either three or four wheels and has a rest for your knee. This is often used in cases where the foot or the leg is broken or injured and you need to be able to move around and get from place to place but might not want to use crutches. This type of walker is foot-propelled and does allow for easy movement without having to worry about your broken leg.

Do You need a Walker?

Walkers are a wonderful thing. If you are suffering from mobility issues a walker is a great way to improve your mobility and to get around your home or wherever you are. With walkers, you should always take the time to figure out what type of walker is going to suit your needs, your abilities, and your overall mobility issues the best. You can get walkers for just about any problem that you might have and making sure that you are really considering your options can make a big difference in how happy you are with your walker overall and how much it helps you get around.