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Why DIY Furnace Repair is a Bad Idea

Some people may think that doing their own furnace repairs is a simple way to save money, but in the long run it may not only wind up costing you more money, but can be dangerous too.

The smart solutions is to leave major household repairs, such as  furnace repairs to the experts.  Here is why.


Many furnaces come with limited warranties that state they will only be covered if serviced by a licensed professional.  By taking repairs into your own hands, you may be voiding your warranty.  Professionals are able to spot defective parts and mechanical issues that would be covered under warranty, that you may not be able to detect.  This would save you out of pocket costs.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can kill you.   It’s found in fumes that are produced when you burn  fuel.  Since furnaces burn fuel, they produce carbon monoxide. CO can build up indoors and poison people and animals who breathe it. If your furnace has a leak, and you don’t detect it, you can be putting yourself and your family at risk.  Professionals are trained to detect CO leaks.  According to the CDCEach year, more than 400 Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning not linked to fires, more than 20,000 visit the emergency room, and more than 4,000 are hospitalized.

Fire Hazards

If your furnace is not properly wired, or has a gas leak, it can pose an increased fire potential hazard. Only people who are trained to deal with an repair gas and oil lines, and electrical wires should do so.  What you think may look fixed to you, may be causing a greater threat that you can not detect. Leave the repairs to the professionals.

Can Create Larger Repair Problems

What looks like a quick and simple repair, if not done properly, by professionals, can lead to larger and more costly repairs, and possibly even total replacement.  Why cause bigger problems and repairs, when you can get your furnace fixed properly the first time. 

I hope these tips help you realize the importance of using a professional for your furnace repairs.  I know saving money always sounds good on the surface, but when it comes to a repair that can be deadly if done improperly, it is best to exercise common sense and leave it to the pros.  

Photo source: Peach Tree Service Experts