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3 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Special Person in Your Life


Does the special person in your life have a big birthday coming up? Show them that you care by presenting them with the gifts listed below.


Here are three presents that your loved one will be sure to adore:



Handmade gifts


Instead of gifting your loved one with yet another commercialized item, embrace originality and creativity by presenting them with a handmade gift. Taking this unique approach to gift-giving will help your loved one stand out from the crowd simply because they will be the only person in existence with the exact item you present.


If you want to ensure that your loved one’s handmade gift is created with the utmost care and attention, be sure to check out The Make It Collective. This marketplace is full of quality handmade Australia gifts, all of which are locally sourced, organic, and sustainable. 



Personalized presents


Do you want to add a personal touch to your loved one’s birthday proceedings? If so, you should seriously consider shopping around for personalized presents. As stated at Good Housekeeping, here are a few personal gift ideas that will be sure to excite your loved one on their special day:


1. Handwritten bracelet (write out a sweet birthday message and then transform this phrase into a piece of jewelry)

2. State scented candle (remind your loved one of their home by presenting them with a candle inspired by the state that they grew up in)

3. Family tree birthstone jewelry (help your loved one to keep their family close at all times by gifting them with a birthstone-inspired necklace or bracelet)



Spend some quality time together


You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to show your loved one that you care. Spending some quality time with them on their birthday is a surefire way to prove your love for them.


If you lead a particularly hectic lifestyle, taking time off for your loved one might not be a straightforward endeavor. However, fear not, as there are things that you can do to make this task a little bit easier for yourself.


Here are five things you must do to free up your busy schedule:


1. Give your dependents (your employees, co-workers, clients, people that you care for, etc.) plenty of notice that you will be unreachable

2. Take full advantage of tech-based automation tools to ensure that your work still gets done despite your absence

3. Delegate tasks to people in your support network (managers, colleagues, family members that share your caring duties, etc.)

4. Learn how to say no in a polite yet effective fashion

5. Turn off your company phone, log out of your emails, and avoid work-based distractions

One more gift that your special person would appreciate is something that would keep them warm and make them think of you. Give them stylish Canada Goose winterwear, which is useful for many occasions. It’s perfect for the colder months and for traveling somewhere that feels like winter all year round. A simple sweater or light jacket gift can warm up your loved ones in more ways than one. They’ll probably wear your gift even at the bitterest of the wintertime.


The special person in your life deserves to be treated on their special day… and it’s down to you to do the treating! Whether you present them with a handmade gift, whether you wrap them up a personalized present, or whether you simply spend some quality time with them, your loved one will be sure to have the best birthday ever if you heed the above advice.