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Aurochs Fine Grain Leather Wallets

Aurochs recently launched two brand-new wallets for that brand that would be the perfect gifts for any occasion. They are as below:

2) Aurochs Zipper (HER)

I was sent the Aurochs Zipper wallet in this beautiful yellow color.  It is perfect for Spring and Summer, great for taking on vacation or to the gym. It’s even great for running out to do errands. I love it and can’t wait to start using it!

Check out my video review:

The wallet has built in RFID which is one of the first things I look for when I purchase a wallet.  RFID protects your credit cards from being scanned by thieves.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Devices. You can protect your personal data with the use of RFID blocking wallets, like this one, and RFID blocking passport covers. These items contain a metal fibre mesh that makes a “cage” around the chip that radio waves cannot penetrate. This helps keep you from being a victim of identity theft and credit card theft.

I love how much space is in this Aurochs wallet for my phone, credit cards, passport and cash. 

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THE CARRY ALL DESIGN: carry up to 12+ Cards, ample cash, your Smartphone, Keys & more.

ZIP SAFE: Safe closure with a secure zip to protect your valuable items.

MILITARY GRADE RFID: The Zipper is lined with special signal-blocking material to safeguard against credit card skimming & data theft.

PREMIUM QUALITY: The Zipper is made from 100% full-grain leather and meticulously stitched to perfection by South Asian craftsmen.

About the Leather

The wallet is made from the highest quality, full-grain leather obtained from few of the oldest leather tanneries in South Asia. Full grain leather is considered the highest in quality due to its ultra wear & tear resistance. It also develops a nice patina around the edges when used for a few years giving your wallet an antique look over time. Read More.

The leather is ethically sourced from farms that breed animals for milk & meat purposes only. We do not harm any animal just for the sake of fashion. We also do not use leather obtained from endangered species. This is core part of our value system. Read More.

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