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After serving six years in the United States Army, Captain Jasmine Molock knew that she was equipped with the leadership skills and talent to launch her creative journey. She was determined to spread the message of positivity to others as a way to uplift their spirits. When she discovered natural gemstone beading at a local art fair, she was ignited to create her own pieces. She decided to call her company Mysfit Moon.

Mysfit is an acronym that stands for: May Your Spirit Find Inner Tranquility and also serves the meaning of going against the odds and staying true to yourself, even when others don’t agree. The word “Moon” was chosen because during long nights of training in the field, the moon would always be that spark of beauty that could keep her going. Combining those two gave her the ambition to pursue her passion.

The name Mysfit Moon LLC was created with the intention to provide quality gemstone jewelry that ignites patience, positivity and purpose. The weight of the stones provides a gentle soothing pressure and the metaphysical meanings of the stones can be beneficial for overall health. It is about more than just shopping, it’s about creating an experience to promote self-worth, growth and inner beauty.

Mysfit Tribe-Become an Ambassador

Interested in becoming a Mysfit Ambassador?

We look at the Brand and Ambassador relationship as more than a partnership; but rather a special union. We know that bringing you onboard will help followers, customers and supporters to see the company in its most positive light. Your example of inner beauty and strength will inspire other Mysfits to join the Mysfit Tribe.

Our company mantra is “Positivity is a Mindset”. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is manifested within your thoughts and we understand the value of healthy mental practices. The more we encourage our minds, the more our actions will follow. Thus, propelling us forward in accomplishing our goals and aspirations.

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