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Chosing the Perfect Underwear for Your Body Type


While a generation or two before us only had to settle the score in the great boxers vs. briefs debate, today's man has access to a much broader variety of underwear styles than our grandparents did. The selection can seem overwhelming. As you choose the perfect pair consider the qualities that you might need, such as a balance of support and freedom, the right amount of breathability and moisture-wicking for your needs, and a style that makes you look and feel great. Even with these characteristics in mind, it can still be hard to narrow down the selection, so consider this truth too: while some degree of underwear choice comes down to personal preference, choosing the perfect men's underwear might be less of a mystery when you take into consideration your body type.

Underwear for Athletic Body Types

Men with a muscular figure (typically shoulders broader than hips) can comfortably wear a wide range of underwear styles: briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, trunks — the sky's the limit for the athletic guy. Special varieties of these basic styles of underwear (such as pouch underwear, which offer additional space and cradling for the family jewels) might also suit this body type. For dudes with this build who are actually athletes, consider leaning toward supportive, breathable styles that will keep the boys supported and chafe-free through even the sweatiest of workouts. Still not enough protection for your prize? Try hybrid pairs like boxerjocks, which have extra-long length through the legs and added support where it counts — like a sports bra, but for male assets. 

Underwear for Ultra-Lean Body Types

Particularly lanky dudes might not look so great in baggy styles, so choose more trim-fitting underwear like briefs, trunks, or boxer-briefs. In particular, briefs are a great choice for this group, since the more snug, fitted nature of briefs will keep anything from abandoning ship when changing in the locker room. Fit is really key for slender guys, to ensure that no matter what you select, your chosen underwear style is the right size. The perfect pair should keep things covered, without being so tight that they have to be adjusted frequently. Don't be afraid to try out a different type or brand than the ones you typically wear — brands often fit differently, and you may need to switch things up to suit your lean body. 

Underwear for Broader Body Types

Broad or full-figured men (with wider hips or a more full waist) benefit most from boxer-brief or boxer styles. Skip the restrictive whitey-tighties. The extra fabric through the thighs will help avoid the inevitable chub-rub and keep everything fresh and collected from day-to-day. These styles are also good for maximizing airflow down under. Depending on your needs, standard cotton might be best for breathability in looser-fitting pairs, but synthetics like microfiber can help with moisture-wicking in trimmer styles. Men with a broad middle but shorter legs might also enjoy the more fitted style of trunks, to help avoid bunching of excess fabric and create a smoother look under clothes. For well-endowed or all-around larger dudes, look for gusseted styles that include some extra fabric to make bending and crouching a little less of a crunch.

The perfect pair of underwear shouldn't just perform: they should make you look and feel like a million bucks while they're at it. Various styles of underwear offer equally diverse functions in an attractive package, so long as you pick a style that will suit your figure andyour needs. By choosing the perfect underwear for your body type, you can ensure that your gonads are always as cool, calm, and collected as you are.pouch underwear