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Crush Your Water Intake with HydroJug


We all know the benefits of getting our daily water intake, and HydroJug has created the perfect vessel for taking our water with us, everywhere we go. 

The HydroJug was made for convenience and has so many great features!  It’s available in a variety of colors and the sleeves are available in various styles as well. I love them all and plan on using my HydroJug every single day!

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When I told my adult son I had a HydroJug he was so excited and told me he sees a lot of people in the gym with them and was looking to get one himself.  Of course I told him about the great sale they have going on!

Right now there is a Valentine special featuring 2 HydroJugs, sleeves and straws for one low price! Be sure to visit to learn more!

Be sure to look for HydroJug in my Valentine’s Day gift guide!

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