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GeriatRx Founder DeLon Canterbury Addresses Social Barriers to Health


DeLon Canterbury is the CEO and founder of GeriatRx a pharmacist led consulting company that focused on addressing supporting caregivers, addressing senior care solutions, and medication management. I’ve recently been featured on WRAL, CBS, Spectrum News, and ABC discussing vaccine logistics, COVID myths and concerns, while serving on several community and church panels in creating a dialogue about how these vaccines protect our communities. GeriatRx is community-focused, so we ensure that we are addressing social barriers to health while addressing medication barriers to care. Healthcare is an ineffective scam, where GeriatRx prioritizes the need for preventative care with medication deprescribing, patient-centered care, and precision medicine using gene-testing to determine if your medications are appropriate for you! 

The majority of patients taking 15-18 medications annually are aged over 65, and unfortunately, preventable medication errors cost nearly $528 billion dollars annually that you, the taxpayers, are paying. I was inspired to pursue this calling, because of my late grandmother who passed from complications of Dementia, where a medication had been incorrectly prescribed leading to her health declining rapidly. This fatal medication error could have been avoided had a trained Pharmacist paid close enough attention to her medication history. I focus on reducing unnecessary and harmful medications while saving my patients thousands of dollars in health care costs. One patient of mine saved $100-200K in health care costs and I prevented her from being involuntarily committed to a nursing home due to having several harmful drug interactions.  We reduced her from taking 36 medications down to 8 chronic medications and her symptoms resolved from our GeriatRx Signature Service.

GeriatRx is a Telehealth, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) pharmacist-based consulting company that helps patients, providers, and caregivers optimize health outcomes with evidence-based therapies with innovative solutions focusing on deprescribing unnecessarily prescribed medications. GeriatRx is your personal pharmacist-led consulting service that focuses on Chronic Care Management and identifies that there is a lack of support for parents that are caregivers or for the elderly who need help in maneuvering a very difficult health care landscape. We advocate alongside your medical provider in creating the best possible care plan for you or your loved ones while empowering you with health education and invaluable resources. Pharmacists not only reduce medication errors that may prevent a trip to the emergency room or hospital, but can lead to savings for you, your family, and overall the health care system. GeriatRx wants to be there for you whenever your most pressing pharmaceutical needs may arise and you need an immediate resource, and we welcome you to join our family! 


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