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Luxury Fashion and Beauty Products

Explore luxury beauty and timeless fashion from these quality brands.

House of Aama

The mother daughter design duo explores the folkways of the Black experience by designing timeless garments with nostalgic references informed by historical research, archival analysis, and storytelling. We aim to evoke dialogue, social commentary and conversations around heritage, remembrance and to shed light on nuanced histories. Each collection is produced in small batches to reduce waste and maintain sustainability efforts and ethical production values. 

Allure Wigs 

Allure Wigs INC: a luxury, bespoke line of human hair lace wigs and accessories. 

We can be found online ( and also offer classes and services in NYC such as wig installs, maintenance and styling. 

Agnes Bethel

Justice and Leslie, both military veterans, joined forces to create Agnes Bethel, a luxury shoe brand that was once dreamt up by Justice's mother but was never carried out due to her familial duties. The emerging luxury shoe designers feature unique designs with eye-popping patterns and hues that are suitable for any occasion. Leslie states that "Black people trying to do something in the fashion industry is not considered luxury. When you put a black face to it, they don’t consider what you’re doing as luxury. It’s considered an urban product". Agnes Bethel is here to change the game when it comes to luxury footwear, the self-made duo was determined to succeed by any means necessary.

Model- Rishann 
              Photographer Credits- Jakayla Toney

LaMonique Cosmetics 

Monique Glover,  is a Bronx N.Y. native and the founder and owner of emerging Indie Brand LaMonique Cosmetics. She is also a staunch advocate of the production and usage of healthy and cruelty-free cosmetics. She is a well-respected speaker and very vocal about toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. The entrepreneur uses her voice to spread awareness. Being passionate about introducing safe, healthy & cruelty-free products, was the core reason for establishing LaMonique Cosmetics.

This all inclusive brand consists of mineral based highly pigmented products which are infused with lavender aromatherapy. Freeze-dried Vitamins A, E & D adds to the functionality of the products. LaMonique Cosmetics do not contain any parabens. The products are entirely gluten free to ensure that the products are overall suitable for a substantial portion of the population, especially for those enduring the distress of Celiac Disease. This cosmetics line is also hypoallergenic and doesn't contain talc or silica.

LaMonique Cosmetics was presented at The 2020 Oscar's Gifting Suite in Hollywood and was very well received by many celebrities. Most recently these products were chosen to be a part of The Clean Beauty Box in which each product undergoes an extensive review for quality manufacturing practices, sustainability, government compliance and does not contain a specific list of chemicals. 

Mila Christina Design
Mila Christina's founder launched a kids' fashion brand after noticing the industry's lack of clothing options that benefit both her child's social development and physical comfort. The minority woman-owned business combines these two aspects through the use of natural, hypoallergenic cashmere material and multicultural prints that introduce the value of diversity to kids. Multiple studies show that children as young as 2 1/2 begin to understand stereotypes and notice social differences, which made Ollia Njibaloh, the founder, all the more motivated to develop kids' garments that also encourage a positive mentality on acceptance and inclusion. The brand currently offers sweaters and bodysuits, and cashmere combs for maintenance. Website: Instagram: @milachristina_ny Facebook:

Fini Shoes

Fini Shoes is a New York-based footwear brand founded by (Dami Adepoju). Dami started this company with a vision to innovate the footwear industry through customization. The brand debuted in 2018 with a fervor to introduce a luxury aesthetic while also allowing customers to express their individuality via detachable pieces. Since our launch, we have continued to build a cult following and work with brands across the globe. 

Naturally London

  • Naturally LondonNaturally London is a female, veteran and black-owned business that strongly believes footcare + hand care = selfcare. Their products soften, moisturize and maintain proper foot and hand health while ditching the synthetic colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, wax, mineral oils, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum and micas. 
    • Refuge Foot Scrub ($20 USD)- Imagine after a long day of dealing with the kids and/or Zoom meetings allowing the stresses of the day melt off of you like butter. Refresh and revive your feet in this antioxidant rich foot soak that draws out impurities from the skin. The blend of herbal and essential oils moisturize the driest of feet.
    • Hydrating Cuticle Oil Pen ($22 USD)- Nourish your nails with this easy to use cuticle pen. With this pen, you can heal dry cuticles and soften, which promotes healthy nails with the combination of skin soothers like aloe, lavender and rosehip. 
    • Pure Relief Moisturizer ($27 USD)- Nourish your hands & feet with this pure concentrate creamy formulation. This fast absorbing cream softens your hands and feet to instantly feel a difference in your skin.


85 North

The name 85 North wasn’t an accident. This Black-owned company is homegrown, born and raised right here in da ATL. Our mission is to celebrate all the best things about Atlanta culture with the world. Whether you are from here, live here, or just wish you were here, you’ll find something in our collection to remind you of why the spirit of da A-Town speaks to you.

Living the Principles 365

Our Mission
It is our mission to collaboratively foster empowered actions for the black diaspora and promote community growth.

Who We Are
LaTricia and Phyllis are reserved, easy-going, and passionate women who believe that more people can make a difference when given encouragement and information. Their quiet confident natures enable others to be heard while allowing them to be their authentic and adamant selves.

Eve Milan NY

Eve Milan strives to make your beauty routine easy and with all products priced below $100. Founder Eden Gilliam has been a working esthetician for 10 years, and created this line to incorporate ingredients into products that she found lacking in other skincare on the market. Whether you're looking for some extra hydration during the winter months, exfoliation, or improving your complexion from the inside out, Eve Milan offers a wide range of options to choose from.


We would like for you to consider our skincare system for your skin needs. Our brand is Zenobia, and we created our products with the 10-step Korean beauty routine in mind. Central to the routine is taking time out to pamper yourself every day. However, we know that we don't typically dedicate as much time to ourselves daily, so we created a 4-product system that encourages people to take just 10 minutes out of their day to relax and care for their skin and overall wellness. Our products target acne, hyperpigmentation, and eczema (skin issues common in communities of color), but can work on all skin types. They work best as a system, but can be used separately as well. We can also be found on our website, IG @zenobiaskin, and TW @zenobiaskincare.

Our products are:
1. NOBI Cleansing Oil- great for removing makeup
2. African Black Soap Powder- exfoliating powder cleanser
3. Rooibos Toning Essence w/Niacinamide- replaces toner
4. Hydrating Serum w/Natural Retinol Alternative- hydrates and plumps skin

Melanin Haircare

Founded by a sister duo Whitney and Taffeta White from their love of natural hair care. The brand focuses on high quality ingredients and the addition of safe synthetic ingredients to create products that are less taxing and effective on your scalp! All of their product ingredients have been evaluated against the Environmental Working Group (EWG), to ensure that they are non-toxic, shelf stable, and performing to their highest standards.

Alice A Candle Co

They say that Black women are made of Brown Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Honey, and Gold! In honor of Black History Month this candle is dedicated to all of the Strong Black women spreading your #BlackGirlMagic across the world. You're a QUEEN! Light this candle and feel empowered and loved because this was #MadeByABlackWoman!

  • Top – warm spices
  • Middle – vanilla tonka, jasmine, coconut
  • Bottom – cedar wood, sandalwood, amber, musk, cocoa butter


Double Wicked, Soy Blend Candle, Burn Time Up To 60 Hrs 


conditionHER is a natural, daily use moisturizing cream, scientifically formulated for your intimate area. It effectively maintains pH balance, slays ingrowns, fights chafing issues, nourishes skin and softens hair down there! Women around the globe struggle with yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and other issues that affect the vulva and vagina area. ConditionHER retails for only $29.99.

Resistance Fashion
I own an apparel line called Resistance Fashion here in Los Angeles. The mission behind my brand is to create items that celebrate black style, fashion, culture, and resilience. When a person wears my clothing, I want them to feel more powerful and celebrated than they have ever felt before. My bold statements and colors are an expression for resisting against the idea that black lives don't matter.