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Tips to Keep Loved Ones Safe This Winter


Winter can be one of the most exciting seasons of the year. When it comes to all cozy, plush items, gathering with a few friends and family, celebrating the new year, and endless mugs of hot cocoa, what else is there that you need? However, with the pandemic impacting so many of us, wintertime can also bring few opportunities to gather with your loved ones, especially when it comes to being outdoors and the flu season looming nearby. In addition to the many risks and fears we are experiencing, it’s especially difficult for those who are living alone. So how can we help our loved ones feel safe during this season? I have a few tips to help. 

Stay Outside And Keep Your Distance: While it’s hard to not see loved ones up close, you can still see them while you keep your distance. Weather permitting, try to make an in-person time with friends or family outdoors. You can wear masks and still keep 6 feet apart or more between members of different households. Another way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is by being able to chat with them either over the phone or seeing their face over Zoom, Google Chat, or Facetime. Technology has been so helpful during this time for so many who want to see a familiar face, so try to use it as much as you can. 

Image: Tech Services of New Jersey

Check Alarms/Smoke Alarms Are Working: With so many things keeping us home right now, it’s time to make sure that everything is working properly within the four walls. It’s essential to have the right life safety systems in your home including a fire and smoke detector that are properly working. A friendly business called Tech Services of New Jersey knows the importance of having these systems properly installed and how in doing so, can save lives when needed. In a situation where time is of the essence, having a system can not only alert those loved ones to make it out efficiently but also that they are given enough warning to do so. These alarm technicians in New Jersey are one of the best and are sure to keep you sleeping peacefully knowing the system is keeping your loved one safe.


Look Into Local Guidelines: Do you notice that certain businesses are operating in your area? Are there any limits of people that are allowed to gather? Be sure to check the strict rules and watch for recommendations from the CDC, your state and local government. You want to make sure that depending on where you live, you have proper masks for your loved ones to wear, keeping a few spare in their purse, car, and at home so they have options. 

Safely Travel: If you live on the east coast, you know that traveling in the wintertime can be an absolute nightmare. The roads are icy, slippery, and cause a lot of accidents during this time of year. If you must travel, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of masks, check your airline flight or another mode of travel restrictions, and what precautions they are taking to keep passengers safe. Be sure to also pay attention to the number of cases and restrictions that are put in place not only where you are at but at your final destination and along your journey to get there. Play it safe and if the roads are bad, no destination is that bad to get to. If you do need to drive, double-check that your car is also able to get you to where you need to go. Pack extra blankets, a first aid kit, flashlight, charger for your phone, extra batteries, and water. 

Home Security: Invest in good home security system with affordable prices. Companies like Vivint cost a reasonable fee for keeping your family safe and secure. For a low monthly cost, you get the most complete monitored home on the market.

There are many things we want to ensure when winter comes and it might be difficult to check on loved ones. The biggest way you can help is continuously checking on them as often as possible. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, ask a neighbor or someone nearby to do so. Continue to keep the winter blues at bay by connected, having monthly virtual dinners, or writing letters to keep moments and memories going. Keep yourself and your mind active as well by starting a project, working on puzzles, or going on walks around your home. Be sure to check on your furnace, your heater and have a few emergency kits in place in case something occurs. Do your best.