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What Should I Be Teaching my Little Preschooler at Home


Children begin kindergarten with a wide variety of educational skills. Some comprehend a few numbers and letters, while others have learned the full alphabet, can count to 20, and will even be reading short words. Teachers are prepared to welcome children at each level and help each of them progress at a developmentally acceptable pace. Even so, it helps to prepare to ready your child for the learning that lies ahead.

You don’t have to stress about it, building your little one’s knowledge takes only about 10 minutes of practice a day. I’ve found that the Pre-K to Kindergarten academic workbook is a helpful tool for preparing kids for kindergarten because it covers everything your child will need to know from counting to handwriting in short daily exercises that are colorful and fun.


The goal is to build a solid foundation of knowledge that they would need to be better prepared for kindergarten.

At Teach.Work.Mom,  they actually have a group of preschool worksheets and activity pages you can use in your homeschool, or daycare setting. These preschool worksheets are prepared into one instructional workbook that you may use on your weekly lesson planning. They cover all of the primary preschool subjects including; alphabet worksheets, number recognition, shape worksheets, color science, and more!


The Pre-K to Kindergarten academic workbook includes daily activities, starting from phonics exercises to counting practice. What's more, the pages are printable: You can re-print or laminate the pages so that your child can continue to work on them. This eBook covers everything that your child needs to know before kindergarten.

Pick up your copy below now! Pre-K to Kindergarten Academic Workbook.