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Forget the Baskets! Candy Charcuterie Boards Rock!

Attention sweet lovers! Candy Charcuterie boards are a thing right now and they are taking Easter by storm!  I am so ready to hop on this trend.  Look at how fun and colorful these awesome boards are!

Forget the baskets! Let’s make our own Candy Charcuterie board!  Start out by getting a colorful assortment of candy.  

Make sure you choose different varieties and textures to add some fun and whimsy to your board.

Sneak in some fun toy surprises throughout the board to give it a playful feel.  You may even want to go with a theme!  How about a fun retro candy board filled with favorites from your childhood!

Check out my board design idea:

These boards are also tons of fun for birthday parties!

Here’s a fun, easy way to shop for your Candy Charcuterie assortment:

This Amazon Storefront HERE is designed to help moms fill their Easter baskets and fillable bags for the family.

Have fun creating your own Candy Charcuterie Board!