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Celebrate Easter with Childhood Favorites


Some of your childhood favorites are here from Bandai and are perfect for Easter gifts!


Who can forget these adorable digital pets that we had to keep alive by feeding, caring and disciplining virtually!  I remember my own and my son’s.  They’re a fun way to teach responsibilities to your kids.  They even have built in games.  Tamagotchi  are now available in a bunch of colors and patterns, and even have a glow in the dark version!  Check out the new Demon Slayer, Pac-Man and Hello Kitty versions, to name a few!

Available at these stores:


These digital monsters were very popular.  The way they worked is that you would train them to be strong and powerful, and then connect your digimon to another person’s and battle.   Check out all of the Digimon available on the Bandai website.


I love these! They are adorable little toys that spin, twists and tip, but they always stay standing! They are so fun to collect, and available in a bunch of different characters including some of your Disney and Peanuts favorites!

Check out this video featuring these products!

Be sure to fill your Easter baskets with these fun toys from Bandai.

I’d love to hear about your Tamagotchi and Digimon memories!