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Celebrate Easter with Delysia Chocolates

Some of my favorite chocolates are chocolates by Delysia Chocolatier.  I love their unique flavors and beautiful designs. The brand ships their handcrafted chocolate and merchandise to all 50 states in the U.S.A. Shoppers can purchase via  Check out their Easter collection!

Easter 16pc collection :


Hoppy Easter truffle collection16pc - $55.95

Indulge in classic Easter desserts

From fresh pints of strawberries to Easter egg hunts and family dinners, it’s the time of year to get inspired by the gifts from the carrot patch. Our limited release 16 piece Easter collection features the beloved desserts of a pastel party on a warm spring day. 

Our Carrot cake truffle features pureed organic carrots blended into silky milk chocolate with a crunch of local pecans and a hint of mulling spices. Experience the deep tart, citrus flavor from our Lemon meringue chocolate truffle, featuring a luscious infusion of white chocolate and fresh lemon. An elegant take on Easter desserts, this special collection is perfect for sharing with family and friends to welcome the sunny days of spring. 

Only 50 boxes of the limited edition Hoppy Easter have been crafted for the 2021 season. 

This exclusive limited edition 16-piece truffle collection contains:

  • 4 Carrot cake chocolate truffles
  • 4 Lemon meringue chocolate truffles
  • 4 Hot cross buns chocolate truffles
  • 4 Caffe latte turtle chocolate truffles


Easter baskets :


Easter gift basket - $64.95

Sweet Easter treats

Enjoy an elegant reminiscence of childhood this holiday with one of Delysia's handcrafted and personally curated Easter baskets. Kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy traditional favorites like our molded solid chocolate Easter bunnies and our Easter collection which holds some delicious yet classic flavors. Curate your perfect Easter basket in our four-piece chocolate truffle collection with delicious flavors of Salted caramel, Mint chocolate chip, Strawberry cream, Lemon blueberry muffin, each blended into our award-winning chocolate. Savor our molded bunnies of milk, white, dark, and bittersweet chocolate for the perfect sampler to satisfy any chocolate lover. Playing on a classic found in most Easter baskets, our gourmet twist on Peeps blends our rich chocolate into colorful Easter bunnies. Topped with a cute stuffed animal, our curated Easter basket will make this year’s Easter one to remember.

Go on an Easter egg hunt and relax this holiday. Delysia Chocolatier will handle the sweet treats. 

This Easter themed gift box contains:

  • 4-pc chocolate truffle collection – marshmallow, honey, salted caramel, & blueberry
  • Narrow or sitting bunnies molded chocolate
  • Peeps molded chocolate
  • Small stuffed animal
  • Easter basket 


Golden egg :


Golden egg molded chocolate - $55.95


A special treasure for their basket

Delight your children this Easter with our newest creation, the ‘Golden’ egg. Ornately designed and golden in color, this unique piece of chocolatey treasure will add a bit of magic to your Easter egg hunt. 

Our handcrafted molded chocolate egg weighs 2.5 pounds and stands 6.5 inches tall, making it an eye-catching centerpiece of the dinner table or the memorable gem of an Easter hunt. The beautiful solid exterior is reminiscent of warm buttery toffee arranged in a delicate pattern. Filling the inside of the egg, discover a salted caramel ganache studded with pieces of crunchy English toffee, all masterfully blended to further elevate the flavors of the gold chocolate exterior. From the warm amber glow of the expertly molded golden chocolate to the luscious ganache awaiting inside, our ‘Golden’ egg is crafted to infuse your Easter morning with an extra bit of delight. 

Handcrafted from the Gold chocolate, the newest coverture creation on the market, Delysia Chocolatier is the first in the United States to handcraft chocolate creations using this new chocolate medium. Pale amber in color, gold chocolate’s natural hue is created from caramelized sugars and caramelized milk fat, providing a unique caramel chocolate taste. Its intense, yet balanced flavor provides hints of caramelized chocolate, toffee, butter, cream, and a dash of salt. 

NOTE: Only twenty of our new ‘Golden’ egg molded chocolates have been handcrafted for the 2021 Easter season.



Colored eggs set w/pens :


Painted chocolate eggs6-pack - $24.95

A new way to decorate Easter eggs

Give the kids a fun and creatively delicious experience with Delysia’s Painted chocolate eggs. Just like the real thing, these confectionery delights are infused with vibrant pastel colors, awaiting to be colorfully decorated with chocolate ink pens. Handcrafted from the same fine quality chocolate we use to create our truffles, these chocolate eggs are infused with flavors like the fragrant fruitiness of strawberry creme, the fresh citrus flavor of lemon meringue, and the buttery creaminess of salted caramel. With their springtime colors and flavors, these handcrafted eggs provide your family a unique way to celebrate Easter, equally fun to decorate and delightful to eat. 

Set includes 3 chocolate ink pens and 6 painted chocolate eggs in the following flavors:

  • Strawberry creme (pink)
  • Cake batter (blue)
  • Salted caramel (orange)
  • Apple pie (green)
  • Lemon meringue (yellow)
  • Concord grape (purple)

Our Painted chocolate eggs pair perfectly with our curated Easter baskets. Both are available for a limited time during the Easter season.

Special virtual tasting:

Easter treats: Hand rolled truffle virtual experience - $69.95

When: April 3, 2021 (2:00 p.m. CST)

Where: via Zoom



Delysia is welcoming the Easter season with a hands-on, interactive chocolate making class.


Fill your Easter basket with your very own unique, homemade confections. Our owner and chocolatier, Nicole Patel, is excited to invite you into her kitchen for an afternoon of chocolate making just in time for the spring holiday. Create together Easter themed hand rolled chocolate truffles perfect for your basket. Handcraft adorable ‘burrowing bunnies’ and ‘hidden eggs’, expressing your individual style in your creations and flavor combinations. Join Delysia Chocolatier in celebration of Easter for an exclusive virtual cooking class where you’ll craft your own Easter basket treats to savor this year. 


A family friendly event, it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the kitchen with the kids. Follow along with award winning Chef Nicole Patel as she shows you how to make our ‘burrowing bunnies’ and ‘hidden eggs’ chocolate truffles, encouraging you to be creative by adding your own unique infusions of flavors and ingredients to the mix. Be creative and see what new flavor combinations you can create! 


Connect with your unique culinary style and take part in our creativity challenge! Raid your pantry or visit the local baking supply store to find your chocolate inspiration. Use any decorations, flavors, or ingredients that inspire you to create one-of-a-kind Easter basket treats. 


Broaden your culinary skills as you create uniquely handcrafted Easter confections at Delysia’s DELIGHT: Immersive Chocolate Experience. Chocolate lovers can develop their skills and indulge in deliciously rich confections during this virtual experience featuring hand rolled ‘burrowing bunnies’ and ‘hidden eggs’ guided by Owner and Chocolatier, Chef Nicole Patel.


Gather your favorite sprinkles and join us for a virtual chocolate experience to celebrate Easter in confectionary style. We look forward to hosting you in this chocolate class and seeing your creative take on these unique Easter treats. 


This experience includes a chocolate making kit with essential supplies for this interactive experience, including the base ingredients of high-quality chocolate, along with a truffle scoop and spatula. Some perishable items are necessary and are listed below. 


This hand rolled truffle making kit includes:

  • High quality, sustainably sourced raw chocolate
  • Truffle scoop
  • Spatula
  • Recipe card
  • Ingredient list
  • Ticket to this exclusive cooking class with 2020’s Best Chocolatier in the Americas


Our hand rolled truffle class pairs perfectly with our Delysia aprons. Show up to class ready to create delectable truffles in our signature red apron.